I can't imagine anyone mustering much hate for any of these companies except Citigroup.

I would expect things like Walmart/Comcast/Big Banks/Oil Companies/Chik-fil-a to be on the list.

(i.e. - places that treat their employees like crap, treat their customers like crap, distort the political process, screwing everyone, or are known/thought to be homophobic/racists/etc)
How is that list missing Comcast and Ticketmaster?
The I don't care about Gen. Petreaus scandal because more stupid nonsensensical 'important' info has happened in the past few weeks Corporation.
Write in vote for Monsanto.
If you look how they decided this, it's based around things like customer satisfaction, consumer reports, etc. Most of the really hated corporations (Walmart, Monsanto, Chick-Fil-A, etc.) are hated by people who aren't actually customers. Most of these (T-Mobile, Dish, Facebook, banks) are corporations that offer a service that people can't/won't avoid, and then they complain about the shitty service. Dunno about J.C. Penney though.
Wow. I think the metrics they used to calculate these were the wrong ones. Comcast, Chase, Bank of America, and/or WalMart should probably be on there. JC Penny just seems so innocuous.
Facebook? I thought everyone loved Facebook so much they'd willingly hand over all their privacy to use it, despite it being a completely non-essential service.
@6 ftw.
I'm with @4
Home Depot, Century Link, University of Phoenix, Hewlett Packard (bastards!!), Delta Airlines.... etc.

Any list of hated companies that doesn't include WalMart in the top 5 isn't using the proper parameters.
@4 +100000
@1, 2, & 4 have listed my write-ins for most hated companies
Sadly, people don't know enough about Monsanto to hate it very much. I'd guess that a good chunk of the country have no idea what it is.

A lot of my Iowa friends LOVE Wal-Mart. That JC Penney thing is just weird. Must be the Christian moms.

But for the life of me I can't understand why Bank of America and AT&T aren't on that list. But I may be biased because I have had two incredibly frustrating interactions with both of those companies just this morning.

T-Mobile? Serious?

I'm so happy I switched from AT&T to them.
How about Xe, the former Blackwater security apparatus? I mean, if selling crappy socks is bad, where does paramilitary thuggery rank?
I know about Monsanto. I used to own 600 shares of it. Kept me awake at night owning it.

I still say it's @6 not @4.
Chase Bank.


Walmart. I don't shop there because I hate them. They treat their employees like shit, among many reasons.
Comcast. Comcast all the way with their anti-free speech campaigns. The internet is vital to everyone's happiness and future and Comcast is all about restricting and charging for the internet. JP Morgan Chase and Monsanto are in the running though.
Unless Comcast was # 6-10, this list is ridiculous. Who cares enough about JC Penney to hate them?
Goldman Sachs
Northern Tissue


Comcast, Walmart and Wells Fargo are at the top of my list.
Comcast, as a long-time, reluctant customer. I can avoid big banks for the most part, and Penney doesn't seem to be worth the ire. I'm with @2 on Ticketmaster, too. Absolute parasites.
Walmart, KBR, big banks, big pharma, big ag, etc, etc, etc.

WTF is wrong with JC Penney? #1? No way. Sense this does not make.
it's a win if you consider that they achieved their goal of expanding hate.
There is so much wrong with this list that I'm not even going to waste my time reading up von how they reached these conclusions.

I love J.C. Penney. I don't often go to the mall but when I do, I shop there first. :)
All of Wall Street would be at the top of the list if this list wasn't compiled by Wall Street.
@11, why Delta? It's true that they went through bankruptcy, using the opportunity to lay a bunch of people off and unilaterally change contracts. But that was a few years ago, and all the other big airlines have done the same thing (including AA doing it right now). And Delta has been one of the top-rated big companies in the HRC rankings for a long time now.
# 35 ftw

Even if you're going by consumer satisfaction, and not overall corporate ethics and business practices, it's impossible to believe that JC Penney is number one and Comcast and AT&T don't even make the top five.
I order Homeland Season 1 from Sears on Dec 20, and I still don't have it. That said, if Citi, BofA and Chase aren't your top 3, you need to read the latest Matt Taibi piece on the bailout in Rolling Stone. Those 3 banks now borrow for half a percentage point less because the market believes they have the backing of the US govt. They are too big to fail, and abusing customers, borrowers and regulators left and right.
Another vote for Comcast.
I would have voted Citigroup, but feared they would have me arrested for doing so.
I am really surprised Comcast didn't make the list. Most people I talk to have nothing good to say about Comcast. Personally, I've had no problems with them at all.
I voted T-Mobile.

T-Mobile has the shittiest network service and reliability. A friend will call me, on their end they hear the phone dialing/ringing and then it will go to voicemail. On my end the call never even registered, the phone never rang and I got a missed call notification on my phone. Later when I tell my friend I never received the call to begin with, they think I'm lying. The same thing happens to my out-of-state parents who have t-mobile as well as my friends. So its not limited to my phone/number, tower, state, whatever.

T-Mobile fucking sucks!
I'd say Big Gold Sacks ... I mean ... Goldman Sachs, Chase, and the rest of the "Too-Big-To Fail's" that saddled the world economy with over 400-quadrillion in derivative fraud, while covering their ass by paying themselves trillions in secret, interest free loans from the Fed (with the full protection and complicity of government) are at the top of my list.

People should be lining up outside Lloyd Blankfein and Jamie Dimon's estates with torches and pitchforks, but unfortunately that that will never happen as long as the heads of these transnational, "vampire squid" banking cartels sit in positions above governments, instead of inside a prison cell.

Spindles would strongly urge everyone to read the most recent article by the excellent Matt Taibbi titled "Secrets and Lies of the Bailout". My only criticism would be his implication that the Federal government are merely stooges to the whims of the banks instead of active participants in the fraud.…
As much as facebook sucks, I had to give my vote to t-mobile for the lone fact that I'm shelling out way too much money for a shitty phone with even shittier service. But hands down, the top place should be Comcast. Anyone who's had comcast (which is everyone) knows how awful and annoying it is dealing with their company.
Comcast, by far, has the worst service ever. I talked to at least 40 different CSR with a problem and got a different answer and NO help from any of them. EVIl. EVIL. EVIL. I don't understand the JC Penney Rating.
Citigroup once tried to recruit me to pay them for the privilege of selling insurance for them. It was my first encounter with the 'I pay you to do a shitty job scam' and I was flabbergasted at the audacity.
Idiotic list.
Other: Whichever sprawling corporate octopus it is that owns Disney.

Wait! I changed my mind: Whichever sprawling corporate octopus it is that owns most of our Senators and Representatives. Is it Quantum? I can never remember.
I would have expected Walmart, Chase, BoA, BP and Chik-Fil-A to be up there, given the current socio-political climate.

Also, they sucks.
Comcast will never make NBC's list.
Penneys, hated? Something went wrong with this list.
Comcast obviously!
I hate Time-Warner Cable so much that I think my blood pressure spiked just thinking of what to write about them!
Comcast, Comcast, Comcast, Comcast, and, oh yeah, Comcast.
Other - I fucking hate The Seattle Times
Nationalize every bank that took the bailout money.
This isn't hard. Think of the global damage done, not the irritations you may have encountered. A dropped call or a missed pay-per-view ain't the same as a mine full of dead workers.

Goldman Sachs
Gah! How are these the top 5? T mobile is awesome & local!
I think JC Penney's mistake was beginning to sell themselves as something wildly unique and different without having first overhauled themselves. Kinda like photoshopping a thin version of your photo for a dating profile "cuz you're gonna lose weight in a couple months anyway." However how this made them the MOST hated company is beyond me.
Walmart, ticketmaster. Don't set foot in Walmart, haven't for years. Ticketmaster I use as absolute last resort.
I used to have T-Mobile. No complaints.

Now I have AT&T. I am looking forward to switching providers.
Disney, because they try to dumb down children the world over. And they convince girls that "princess" is the only valuable job prospect for a female.
And they are fucking fascists with their employees.

Monsanto, who strives for world hunger.

Comcast, now and forever. Fuck their customer service and ridiculous prices.
Comcast. They can burn in hell forever.
Sprint. A company run by absolute morons.
Seriously, guys, no mention of News Corp for dragging commercial news down to the lowest possible common denominator? Or Microsoft for making Washington its bitch?
Why is JC Penney hated? I would add any Bain or Koch-owned company to that list.
@41...the guy who hawks Comcast (oh, I'm sorry, I mean "Xfinity") services door-to-door in my neighborhood is very nice and remembers that I told him I would never be signing up for Comcast services again in my life, so he leaves me alone with the pitch, while still petting my dog as he walks by. There, that's the nicest thing I can say about Comcast.

Home Depot for sure...I have to live in a neighborhood with one of their stores and they're absolutely horrendous to the community, beyond their other evils. I had a terrible time with Sprint over many years. And of course, Walmart, the evil empire.
I'm a happy customer of both T-Mobile and Dish, so I don't know what either is doing there.
News Corp.
lame list! I think Monsanto and Haleburton (not sure of spelling) should be the top two!
This list is all based on Wall Street humbuggery. I have been with T-Mobile for years. Never a single complaint.
Comcast. The list of the ways they suck would be a whole new article.
I definitely agree with all so listed Monsanto (evil, evil Borg); and with @57 above...
I can't believe no one mentioned the post kidding me,,,9 billion a year in bogus pensions and did yo uknow that UPS now moves their packages for them behind the scenes. These people are the ultimate corporate morons WITH a hook into your tax dollars...couldn't be more corrupt.
I was a happy T-Mobil customer for 8 years until a dishonest rep told us nothing but lies on our last phone change. Free phones turned out to be not so and I complained with no help from T. Told them were to go and canceled in 24 hours. Sent me a bill for $1800+. Will not give them 1 red cent/ Beware!
Chick-fil-A would be on this list for Washingtonians.There is a Washington group on facebook boycotting them. Most people reading the slog will be interested, I hope you join.…

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