That's how Andrew Sullivan characterizes the "scholarly study by Dorothy Gambrell of the 'missed connections' section of Craigslist. This is where you thought you saw your future spouse or date or hook-up, state by state."

  • Dorothy Gambrell

I understand Sullivan's use of the adjective "sad," but for me, the primary effect is fascination. Take Washington, for example. Does this mean the bus holds the most horny/amorous folks, or that the bus holds the most horny/amorous folks who are too wussy to chat up their potential love objects and thus must rely on after-the-fact approaches liked Missed Connections?

"California is an actual self-parody (as is Nevada)," notes Sullivan. "But the saddest state of all has to be Indiana. There, the majority of 'missed connections' were 'at home.'"

Sadly fascinating!