Judging from this email from the 41st LD Dems, not so well:

Washington Conservation Voters is looking for volunteers for Tuesday, 2/26/13 (that's tomorrow), to doorbell and persuade voters on Mercer Island to contact Steve Litzow and ask him to support WCV's Clean Energy and Climate campaign.


They will meet at the Mercer Island Library at 1 PM and the event will continue until 6 PM. Any amount of time you can provide would be most appreciated.

Huh. Perhaps WCV would have been better off endorsing Litzow's Democratic opponent, Maureen Judge (yeah, my ex-wife)? Had she won, not only wouldn't WCV have had to spend time and money pressuring her to do the right thing on climate and energy issues, it would have left control of the state Senate in the hands of environmentally friendly Democrats.

But, you know, it's sooooo important to elect pro-environment Republicans even if they're not nearly as pro-environment as their Democratic opponents. Because.