Nate Bell, a Republican state representative from Arkansas, tweeted this insightful message this morning:

He later apologized on his Facebook page. Not for saying that Bostonians were "cowering" after the attack, not for using the terrorist attack as a launchpad for his political agenda, not even for his statement's utter irrelevance. But for this:
I would like to apologize to the people of Boston & Massachusetts for the poor timing of my tweet earlier this morning. As a staunch and unwavering supporter of the individual right to self defense, I expressed my point of view without thinking of its effect on those still in time of crisis. In hindsight, given the ongoing tragedy that is still unfolding, I regret the poor choice of timing. Please know that my thoughts and prayers were with the people of Boston overnight and will continue as they recover from this tragedy.
Stay classy, Nate!