Fast food workers going on strike for $15-an-hour pay really ought to shut their yaps unless they want to lose their jobs. That's the gist of KIRO Radio's John Curley, who says employees demanding higher pay could lose their jobs to machines:

Curley says the workers here demanding higher wages for a job that should be entry-level should think twice before raising too much of a fuss—before they find themselves completely obsolete.

"The saddest thing for this story, if you follow it, is robots will replace human beings in these McDonald's and fast food restaurants and low skill workers will have really no place to go."

I'm sure he's really worried about the "low-skill workers with no place to go." Yeah: You don't like toiling on the plantation—what if there was no plantation at all? HUH?

Clearly, it's more important to sell a quarter pound of beef, a slice of cheese, and bun out of restaurant on prime real estate for a dollar (with more salt you could buy for $4) than to charge a fraction more and pay a decent living. Nope, it's a binary choice between gigantic junk food corporations going out of business or relying on workforce a subsidized by government social services—or robots.