That, coupled with today's MMJ dispensaries busts and arrests by the DEA, will test loyalties of many locals.
Who knew so many GOP, in their cries for smaller government, did not mean to defund the NSA?
Any idea of how our locals voted?
Sure, blame me.
Hey Paul you glad to be in bed with the tea party?…

And when you support an issue on the merits does it matter who else supports its, its the same idiotic argument we hear against the death penalty. Man liberals can be brainless at times, but better than conservatives who are brainless most of the time.
I am curious do you regret you vote for Obama?
Yea/nay breakdown is here:…
@2 I know McDermott voted FOR the Amash Amendment as did Suzan DelBene. Hastings, Heck, Kilmer, Reichert and Smith voted NO.
Full list of WA reps' votes:

Suzan DelBene (D) AYE
Rick Larsen (D) NO
Jaime Herrera Beutler (R) NO VOTE
Doc Hastings (R) NO
Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R) AYE
Derek Kilmer (D) NO
Jim McDermott (D) AYE
Davi Reichert (R) NO
Adam Smith (D) NO
Denny Heck (D) NO
why is it so @#$'n hard to find a representative by representative break down of house votes? you can get this far, and then get lost in the weeds:…
I'm a big fan of PRISM. As someone who has been harassed, hounded, and just about tortured by anonymous posters, hackers, and bugs, I would love to see the day when whatever stasi is living in my floorboards is forced to reveal itself and forever end this Misery and I can bring them to justice.

For a person such as myself, I feel that I have less to fear from The Government than I do from some of the psychopaths and miscreants in our society, not to mention the conman, crooks and spammers. Shining a light on the dark world of the anonymous internet is one step towards a better society.
@10: ur a faget
@11: not to mention a moron. A small govt man who wants that govt is his and everyone else's sock drawer.
I'm finding some of these votes irritating. Again, Sensenbrenner is acting like he's stunned! that the Patriot act could be used this way.

The great hypocrisy here is that many of the Repubs would have absolutely no issues with these NSA programs if it were President Romney. Notice how it's to defund a specific program? Why not overturn the Patriot Act all together if you're so concerned? Because the minute there is a Republican in the WH, or just not Hitler Obama, or hell, as soon as the midterm elections are over, they will go ahead and refund.

Still, if Obama truly wants a reasonable process put in place instead of a full on smash mode defunding, then he should just come out with a proposal and speak openly about the program.
This is lining up like the. The contracted out military industrial surveillance state vs. WE THE PEOPLE. Any question regarding the effectiveness of the domestic use of the PRISM spy program was rendered moot by the disclosure of it's existence. Realistically the only remaining target for PRISM is the American people. There are 225 names to remember and remove from the house of representatives.( all I have is an android and it's impossible to edit with these infernal machines, please pardon any mistakes..)
wait - the gubmint is doing what the patriot act allowed? I'M OUTRAGED!
The supreme ruler doesn't get the concept here. I doubt you hacker problem is anything more than kiddie land compared to the deeds of truly unscrupulous men like; richard m nixon, j edgar hoovsr, henry kissenger or james jesus angleton on your axx. This is an issue where people's true loyalties are Expressed. This will go down in our History as a defining moment.
The military-industrial-surveilance state-ers v. WE THE PEOPLE and the BILL OF RIGHTS....something supreme leaders would naturally disavow.
I emailed Adam Smith - you can too.
Even though I am usually on the side of less government power, I haven't ever been convinced that the bulk of the NSA stuff is very worrisome. First of all it isn't eavesdropping (eavesproppding without a warrant would be much more bothersome), and it isn't even the individual's information that is being provided. It is your phone companies information. Technically I think your phone company could chose to turn that over without even a warrant (which might or might not violate your privacy contract with them, probably not). I am not convinced that there is any real infringement as a result of this, and the benifits seem to be pretty significant.
Fuck the Stranger for their endorsements of any of those who betrayed us on this!! Especially your goddamned Obama!!!!

Are you still proud of "our nation's first black president" as he continues to shit all over everything Martin Luther King Jr stood for?! (Swear words are too good for Obama and his goddamned delusional supporters, and YOU KNOW that Obama's white corporate masters use the word 'nigger' probably right in front of him too as he laughs right along with them!!)

And to anyone still stupid enough to repeat that sad little lazy excuse about how the republicans will be worse, get it through your goddamned head, once and for all, that the "left" fist of the 1% serves the same corporate agenda as it's "right" fist!!

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