I have always found Trip planner to be good and just as good as google maps.
Takes a third of the time in my car plus I don't have to lug my golf clubs.
Troll @2: ASSHOLE!
Google does give you real-time public transportation info, via Google Now (so yeah, nobody knows about it).

Unfortunately, Big G doesn't seem to realize that the real-time information public transportation riders want is when the next train or bus leaves, not the estimated time to work.
Meanwhile, Metro's new online schedules suck balls. Why would they combine the #26 and #28 bus schedules on a single page? Are they trying to save paper? It's confusing as fuck.

If he wants my vote, Dow Constantine better fix this by Tuesday!
The main reason Google performs poorly is that Community Transit does not release their schedule data to Google (or other developers) so it doesn't get included in Google Transit routing results. OBA historically included some CT data, but it required a FOIA request to get it. Now that OBA is hosted by Sound Transit, I assume they continue to have direct access to CT's data.
Not evident is whether their trip planner is informed by real-time arrival data or is strictly based upon schedule data. For those agencies that offer real-time data to Google (KCM isn't one, yet), the Google trip planner will use that to help formulate the plan. That's useful.

Locally-developed offers trip-planning for the Puget Sound region, and they have an iOS and an Android app, and a mobile-ready web site for those with Windows Phone or Blackberries (or who haven't installed the app).

I don't think we want KCM building apps. I think we want KCM making their data, including real-time arrival prediction data, available to developers, who are going to be much more agile and innovative. That's the model that's worked in every other market. Apps developed by agencies tend to either suck, fail, or both suck and fail. Witness Translink's abandoned iOS app.

Not that I have an opinion or anything.

@6 This week I was trying to figure out how to get from Greenlake to the Mukilteo ferry and Google maps didn't have Community Transit bus information, though it did have information about using the Sounder. The Community Transit website had several good transit options for the trip and a decent mobile site. I wonder what's keeping them from sharing their info with developers.
@6 "OBA historically included some CT data, but it required a FOIA request to get it. "

Can you provide a source for this? Because that's insane. What data as a public agency wouldn't they release?
@8 I believe they have lacked the resources (technical, financial) to publish their schedule data in a common format.
This new trip planner also does a couple new (and long overdue) things.

(1. It includes Link's full daily schedule. Our long regional nightmare is over?

(2. It allows you full access on one platform to all schedules for all routes for Metro, ST, PT, CT, IT, KT, ET, and WSF(!) (Well, all ferry routes except the San Juans).

@9 when I worked on OBA, I did at least two public record requests for CT schedule data and wrote a converter to turn that data into GTFS (…). Short of a screen shot of the email I sent them, you'll have to trust me. The CT staff were always very pleasant to deal with, but as I said, they didn't have a mandate to publish their data in a common format (aka GTFS), so maybe it took the official weight of a public records request to allow them to provide it? The would provide GIS data (basically, stop locations and route paths) without a public records request.
@5, the 26/28 combo are likely on one schedule to show combined frequent service from the Fremont Bridge to Downtown via Dexter.
@10 but... why the heck would that still require a FOIA-type request? That's just bizarre.
@12 I totally trust you (and thanks for the best app on my phone that I use more than any other beside imessage, mail, and alien blue). It just seemed silly for it have to get to that point!
"This week I was trying to figure out how to get from Greenlake to the Mukilteo ferry"

Take I5, exit for 525 . Takes about 30 minutes in my car.
You'd think Google could find an intern to tap in the CT data in the proper format.
Hmm. Looks like the CT data isn't on the nokia system either. I have never had any issues using the here system, until I try it and there is no route available. Of course, why the fuck would I go to Lynnwood?

Starting Point: 98030 (Kent East Hill zipcode)

Destination: Key Arena

Result: Terrible
Fuck OBA, I have been late and missed busses soooo many times because of that app. I have had it tell me busses were coming, only to have the bus not show up at all. I switched to Car2Go. Recommend!
Starting Point: 98030 (Kent East Hill zipcode)

That's your failure.

Starting Point: 98105 (Wallingford)


Result: Just as bad
What #6 said. The reason Google doesn't have the data is that CT refuses to share the data. So, indeed: Google can't plan using the data. I hope CT enjoy the fact that they've "won", even as their customers lose.
Talking about 'beta'! Mercer Island to Seattle doesn't seem to work at all. Just get error message 'We could not identify a connection between your starting point and your destination..." for any two addresses I could come up with between MI and Seattle.
Not to mention, when I typed in 'SE 28th St' (north end of MI), it let me select from a list but then showed me the Bellevue one instead on the map. These were the mistakes I found with ten minutes of poking around.
Starting Point: 98105 (Wallingford)

You can't use Zip Codes. Read the online Help.
@2, the 16 goes almost directly there, assuming you can handle a walk across the Center.

I wonder how long a taxi ride from the Lynnwood Transit Center adds to any trip anywhere? Two weeks? Has anyone EVER hailed a cab in Lynnwood?
Nope, they still don't recognize my addy and require a second screen to confirm which one (of two identical addresses) I mean. Google wins.
I stopped using Metro's outdated trip planner months ago and instead have been using the Sound Transit trip planner with the same results as Metro's but with real maps. Now if Metro would coordinate with OneBusAway more than they do things would be remarkably better.
@4: OneBusAway does this

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