A couple things of note:

  1. We took a break for PAX last month, but we're back again at the Raygun Lounge on Friday (i.e., tomorrow!) night for an evening of drink-powered gaming. Or game-powered drinking. Drunken power gaming? We'll see. Bring your favorite board and card games, along with your tales from PAX. We'll be there from after work until late.
  2. These video-game ukiyo-e woodcuts hit a crazy sweet spot of cultural mashup, cross-generational pop art craftsmanship, and straight-up visual coolness. Neat! (Go to the creators' web site, too, if you want to see the level of detail and/or have $135 handy.)
    • (via ukiyoeheroes.com)

The Stranger Testing Department is Rob Lightner, Paul Hughes, and Mary Traverse.