Mr. Eyman himself.
  • Eli Sanders
  • Mr. Eyman himself.
Your ballot is hurtling toward your doorstep as we speak. How the hell will you know what to do with it when it lands? Never fear! Once again, the Stranger Election Control Board put down the bong, did some "research" on the issues, picked the bong right back up, and wrote you a very special voters' guide! You're welcome! So how should you vote? Let's start at the top, with Initiative 517.

This initiative is another steaming turd from right-wing profiteer Tim Eyman, who makes a nice living for himself running initiatives that pander to voters by promising to reduce taxes (then pissing off voters because those initiatives wind up gutting stuff people love, like money for schools). And I-517 is Eyman's most self-serving initiative yet: It makes it cheaper and easier for him to run even more initiatives! I-517 would double the length of time allowed to gather signatures from six months to 12. It would also force sensible people who want to ask gullible people not to sign one of Tim's stupid initiatives to stay 25 feet away from his signature gatherers. Even business owners could be thrown in the slammer for attempting to bar aggressive signature gatherers from private property! It's stupid, it's unnecessary, and it will just lead to more stupid, unnecessary Eyman initiatives making it onto your ballot. Vote no on I-517.

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