If you haven't been to a Slog Nerd Happy at Raygun Lounge in a while, this is one you shouldn't miss, on account of

1. A "very special" selection of "Halloween Horror" classic games, courtesy of our pals at Gamma Ray. (We hope this at least includes Betrayal at House on the Hill.)

2. The opportunity to get yourself a bona fide playtester credit, in print (see below).

3. Beer and wine and mead. (Okay, that's nothing new, but it's important.)

4. The chance to game with local game designer Joshua Balvin, one of the winners of Rio Grande Games' 2009 national board game design competition. He'll be showing off prototypes of two games, Fool's Gold (due out Thanksgiving) and Duomo, a game recreating Siena's doomed 14th century attempt to build the world's largest cathedral before the plague wiped out half its population. (Spoiler alert: the plague wins.) And if you play Duomo and provide some of your inimitable smart, Sloggy feedback, you'll receive a thank-you for playtesting in the final rulebook!

Aw, prospector meeples.
  • Aw, prospector meeples.

5. Special guests? Yes, probably. Aside from you, of course. You are also special.

6. Being able to learn more about Josh's cool-looking game Salem. Sadly, it's not in playable form yet, but watch for it at a future Slog Nerd Happy. It's a historical recreation in which you hold a series of witch hunts, witch trials, and hangings. FUN.

1692 was a good year for hearsay.
  • 1692 was a good year for hearsay.

7. Costumes! (Costumes? Sure, why not!)

The Stranger Testing Department is Rob Lightner, Paul Hughes, and Mary Traverse.