And what do you burn, apart from witches?

@1) Very small stones?
Looks like you typo'd the href for… -- I think you're missing a ":" between the "https" and the "//"
Thanks, @psbirch! Got it. We heard you liked hypertext transfer protocol, so we put a link in your link.
Hnnnng. I want to do this, but like some kind of idiot, I made other plans! Nooooo! That plague game sounds so fun!
@5 NOOOO! We even posted earlier in the week! (We tried for Monday, but were still confirming details.) You should stop by after or before.
@6 - I'll try! I may be able to convince my other plans to swing by for a bit, maybe.
Mac, you should totally come, I'll be there!
I would be so happy if I could go to a Slog nerd happy.

But alas, I am on the wrong coast.

Why doesn't everyone fly out to me one of these weekends?

At least I finally found a D&D group to play with recently. Haven't been able to play in over 12 years now.
If I could go to a Slog nerd happy, I would be sooooo happy.

But alas, I live on the wrong coast. Why doesn't everyone fly out to me one of these weekends?

At least I found a D&D group to play with recently. Have not been able to play in over 12 years now.
Hmm, sorry...apparently when the gateway times out and I restart my browser it still posts...
@10 - Slog D&D by Skype. Think about it.
Um, Mac (@12), that is BRILLIANT. I would Skype D&D.
@12, 13: I would be so down with that.

Friends of mine who have moved away have suggested it, but it never has happened. Not by any unwillingness of mine, mind you.

I guess I would have to download Skype and actually learn how to use it...

There's already an online marketplace of sorts for Skype like D&D:

My brother's been running campaigns in it for a couple years now.
@14 - I was mostly joking, but if there's actually interest in it (and someone willing to run it), this is exactly the kind of thing Pathfinder Society is made for: modular, standalone stories, possibility for drop-in participation...

It doesn't allow much for free-form storytelling (so much for my Slog-themed game with lots of trolls), but again, with sufficient interest, I suppose any configuration should be technically possible.
I WANT TO PLAY SALEM!!! I am not sure how I missed that. I'm looking forward to it.
This looks very cool. I like the inclusion of tokens and other tactile items; it's something I miss about board games.
@16: I figured, but I would still be down if a handful of people were willing. I have no experience with Pathfinder, but hear it is quite similar to D&D 3.5.

@20 - It's a lot like that, and IMO, it fixes a lot of the problems with D&D 3.5 and polishes some of the rougher edges. The transition to PF was very easy for me, but all I really ask is that the logic be simple enough to write a self-calculating character sheet in Excel using only formulas (and with maybe some conditional formatting for pretty-making).

I'd be down for a SLOG-sourced game, but again, the first thing we need is someone willing and able to run it; I doubt we'll have any lack of willing players.
@Croc - Where I come from, opening your big mouth and suggesting such a great idea is called "volunteering."
@22 - Great idea. Thanks for volunteering, evilvolus.
Yeah, I've already got a pile of chumps demaning my GM prowess. All full up on chumps, I'm afraid.
@24 - You've been seeing other chumps? Is that where this "prowess" has been going?
I said you were demanding it, not that you were getting it.
Hey, guys, an update on another guest for tonight:…

And we will expound on Skype D&D tonight if asked, which we did when a friend moved to Vancouver! The short answer, for us: it worked, but only for a while, and the fact that we had established, pre-Skype group chemistry helped.

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