Well, that depends how you read this sign spotted by a Slog tipper on Westlake Avenue North:


The driving force of an October 3 fundraiser "Paid for by Ed Murray for Mayor" were people who sought to "oppose Mayor McGinn's cycle track" on Westlake Avenue. "This is a narrowly focused event," said an e-mail invitation to Murray supporters by Peter Schrappen of the Northwest Marine Trade Association. "The sole focus should be around articulating the Westlake interests."

Based on their fundraising and signs, it sure looks like Murray's their guy to stop bike lanes—and appears to me that he's raising money with an implicit promise that once he's mayor, he'll retroactively scotch plans for bike lanes and prevent new bike lanes from being planned.

But Murray's folks say that's not the case.

I've asked the Murray campaign to comment on (1) Murray's approach to bike lanes on Westlake, (2) his claim that bike lanes on NE 75th Street were a "mistake" and they "got rid of all street parking" (which Seattle Bike Blog says is false), and (3) that he's raising money from people with a focused goal of opposing bike lanes.

Although Murray's campaign didn't address his funders or the claim that "all" parking was removed, spokesman Sandeep Kaushik acknowledges that the bike lane on 75th "was not a mistake." He nonetheless added that neighbors were upset and "we need to take a more comprehensive and integrated approach to our transportation planning." As for Westlake, Kaushik notes that "Ed's said publicly he's not opposed to the Westlake" bike lanes. So, there you go.