I love you Megan Seling. "Sorry, that last one wasn't in the form of the question. FUCK YOU?"

Seconded. F-you, @PastorMark. Love, Kelly O
Megan Seling rocks so hard.
Go Megan. Signed, @fakedriscoll
Nothing ordinary about Megan Seling. Plenty to be celebrated, certainly. Keep up the great work/mischief.

I'm proud to be a Stranger reader!

That was impressive. Someone thank Megan as soon as she's done high-fiving.
Well done Megan!
Brava! The FMK and lady masturbation tweets were particularly strong.
Fuck Judas
Marry John the Baptist
Kill Peter
@8 I dunno man; didn't John, like, invent celibacy?
"Driscoll is simply asking us to trust his interpretation of which Old Testament rules still matter. The arrogance of that statement coming from a man who calls himself Christian is, simply, astonishing."

Really? You find this astonishing? I find it typical.
he is suck a woman hating ass-hole. every single hipster knob i know who attends this church are arrogant douche-bags. fuck you people.
At the risk of sounding like a misogynist, I kind of have a huge crush on Megan Seling now.
This was all very funny and all, but why do you call it a "spectacle", Stranger?
@12 At the risk of sounding heterosexual, I have a huge crush on Megan, too.
Megan for mayor!!!
Megan Seling, I <3 you. Thanks for not only giving that asshat a good dose of comeuppance, but for also pointing out that there are churches that won't fuck with people's heads/shun them if they leave/ spiritually abuse.
I currently have a very earnest, very young (20 y) Christian women rooming with us. She described a misogynistic experience at Mars Hill that drove her to another church. She was acting as a deacon in the Church and when she asked to be paid as some of the male deacons were (she was volunteering and works part time) she was advised that she should get married instead and then might be worthy of pay and more respect. Quite a place that Pastor Driscoll runs.
I love this and Megan so much for this. I used to be a member of MH and it's the worst place in the world, it's just terrible.
To be honest, I really wouldn't want to fuck any of them. But rules is rules.
Does this crazy church actually "recruit" normal people, or do most of it's batshit crazies come from a christianize background (wants to be a hipster and can't quit the hell stories)? That Driscoll character is a classic narcissist, or potential sociopath…either way, bad dingle.
Megan Seling is an amazing spectacular hero! I have a girl crush. Does that make me an honorary lesbian? Those were the best tweets ever. MUAH!!
Fred Clark had a great piece up last week on why foreign evangelicals, even extremely conservative foreign evangelicals, find American evangelicals so baffling, so opposed to the core values of Christianity. It's because they aren't defined by those values; they are defined by political tribalism. Your average Australian or Danish conservative evangelical finds that to be...crazy. Driscoll is obviously concerned with one thing only, and it's not the words of Jesus -- it's the power of Driscoll. He's an enemy of Christ.
I get what Jake Dockter is trying to do keeping a spreadsheet tally, but wouldn't a sheet of # of women, # of men, # of questions asked per person, # of questions ignored be more telling? I did not see many questions from women, apart from @mseling, and didn't see many women asking questions. I thought the earnest Q and A entries were white bro-fests. @HankChill had the best questions, glad to see he got an answer.

Megan asked a great question Mars Hill people won't answer though: Why choose a church suspected of spiritual abuse, with a narcissistic misogynistic egomaniac leader? Is it because there are more people who "look like you" (age, socioeconomic status, skin tone, clothes, subcultural identifiers)? Is it the music? Is it unhip to go to an affirming, open church with a diversity of ages, skin tones, socioeconomic statuses?
I have friends who are members. They all come from the club or music scene, and two of them used to be big in the tweeker world. These men feel like they've found stability and an environment that helps them to be good men and fathers.
::Shrug:: I think they could do it on their own, but they don't.
One of them is an ex of mine ( I did like me bouncer back in the day) and when he starts spouting homophobic or sexist shit, I take him to the woodshed. Often he'll listen.

Slog/The Stranger has indicated in the past that at least one of Mars Hill's recruitment tactics is to seek out lonely-looking newcomers at bars and coffee shops. It's also pretty clear, I think, that the church pretty much throws a bunch of new best friends at new members.

They find socially isolated people, give them a ton of new friends, and make all of those friendships contingent on towing the line, never speaking up, and certainly *never* leaving the church. Say anything against the church leadership, and you're blackballed permanently.

So, in other words, it's just like any other cult, sans suicide pact.
@24 If your ex is regularly spouting homophobic and sexist shit since becoming a member, is Mars Hill actually helping him be a "good man?" Doesn't sound like it. Sounds like you are the one helping him to be a better man by calling him out on it, though.
GODDAMMIT. Will you please pay Megan and her hubby whatever it takes to keep them in Seattle. (That's not a question.)
Someday I will have to have somebody explain to me why any of this is relevant to anything.
you got it, keister button. people will join a group of any kind if the members of said group look just like them. dinosaur brains.
@25 -…

Recently Born-Again Christian Finally Has Social Life (The Onion)

"GASTONIA, SC–Eight months ago, Larry Dunne was alone. He didn't have a friend in the world. But all that changed with his baptism at the New Hearts Fundamentalist Church. Ever since becoming a born-again Christian, Dunne has a friend through Jesus. "Let's see, there's Richard and Janet and Craig," said Dunne, a data technician at Quill Paper Distribution. "Oh, and Brent, too. He stands next to me in the choir. Now that I'm saved, I've got a whole bunch of friends."
@26, Lissa and I share many common friends but we've only met once or twice. Reading her post gives you the answer: "::Shrug:: I think they could do it on their own, but they don't." I agree, but MH is a decent crutch.

At least with one MH couple, once he got married it was the wife's decision that they'd be churchgoers, and knowing her it was going to be fundie. MH being cool for aging hipsters Probably keeps him. Neither of them is particularly critical in thinking about theology, so there they are.
@26: I wouldn't say he does it regularly. The only time I had to smack him for homophobia was early in his time there and he was complaining about the Pride parade. This was after it had moved downtown and I asked him since when 4th avenue was so important to him, ( and if it was why wasn't he complaining about Seafair clogging up the same route?)and reminded him of the many many MANY Pride parades he had enjoyed when he lived on the Hill and the many gay people he had known and loved. I knew the shit he was talking wasn't coming from him, and our chat kind of snapped him back to reality.
So why isn't Megan taking her battle for woman's rights up with the iman at the local Mosque?
@33: Iman. Imam.
@33: Which Iman has gone on twitter to do an AMA? And what Seattle area mosque has been opening branches all over the Puget Sound region? Can you point me to any recent articles in which local Muslim leaders have called foul when a real estate deal fell through proclaiming it to be unfair because Allah meant that property for them?

Good catch rob!

I am not up on my spelling of hateful darkgae religious figures.
Crap! :: imam::
I hate my phone
@36: Oh they're all rooted in the dark ages, except Scientology I suppose which is spaaaaaaace aaaaaaage, and they all can be, and have been, hateful in varying degrees. Don't be disingenuous. And answer my question: what imam has done an AMA on Twitter?
@36 Please, you're embarrassing yourself.
Should I feel honored that he answered one of my questions? His followers have driven my Klout score through the roof retweeting his answer.

Me: @PastorMark do you really think you're making your religion seem inviting & reality-based? Should it be inviting & reality based? #AskPM

Him: I'm a preacher not a salesman. I can always grow as a messenger, but can never change the message.

It was a throwaway question - he ignored all the others that I asked.
Dang, wish I'd know this was happening, I would've given him shit too
@31/32 - yeah, okay I do understand the phenomenon you're describing. I've come across it with people in my own life, not with Mars Hill but through some kind of church. You just hope they someday drop the crutch.
Independent of the pastor's politics, he seems to deal out a level of snark similar to Mr. Savages and is being dealt a measure of abuse that seems similar in tone and vehemence to that dealt out to Mr. Savage by hateful people and by those who disagree with him.

Not saying that there's nothing to complain about with respect to Mars Hill, wherever that is, or this pastor, whoever he is, but his snark isn't it.

In related news, who the #@$% is Mark Driscoll and what the #@$% is Mars Hill? Is it that church that's whining that someone else closed a perfectly above-board multi-year deal to buy the land that they wanted to buy?
Dear Megan, please start a religion.
Does anyone know if Mark Driscoll is really building a mega-mansion for himself in Issaquah (under the name of a revocable trust perhaps)?
Inquiring minds want to know.
This was just the sort of thing I hoped for when I saw the previous post about this. Thanks for sharing the highlights!

And I must add to the pile of appreciation flowing toward Megan*. Well done.

*Yes, appreciation flows in pile form. Don't bother looking it up, it's true.
Megan ftw. Well played.
Megan Seling---at the risk of sounding like an arrogant, out-of-touch, unconsciously sexist, conservative frat boy---I have to just say that you are one fucking brilliant, sexy, gorgeous, smart, funny, luscious babe.

Thanks for being out there and in the face of this dickhead, Mark What's His Name.

And...are you single and into men?
Holy Cow! Does anyone else smell Jim Jones's reincarnated, black, evil soul?

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