Fuckers. The decision was super narrowly tailored, I'd say didn't go as far as it should have, but what it did overturn was airtight.

This is complete dereliction of duty from the 5 voting to not overturn the stay.
God fucking dammit.
As an attorney and a woman this is just a shitty ending to a shitty day.
We need to build a strong movement in support of women, not just reproductive rights but wages and human dignity. Elizabeth Warren might be good on some things (she is a hawk on foreign relations), but she will need pressure to keep her on the right track. Nixon actually suggested a living wage, b/c of pressure from below. We need to build up a super head of steam and blow this crap out of the way.

Baby comes back from dead more than 10 hours after being sent to morgue

A Colombian baby came back from the dead more than 10 hours after being sent to the morgue.


Her mother Jenny Hurtado was just 27 weeks pregnant...…
[/i]@7: You can go fuck yourself too. You have no clue what the legal arguments in this are, and lack the ability to comprehend if it was read to you.
somebody do the thing with code that makes the italics go away....

also, @7, care to explain the relevance of your link?
good on ya', hanoumatoi, you fixer of problems.

Legal abortion in most of America became doomed the second Bush won the 2004 election. If you thought the War on Drugs and the War on Terror were fun, get ready for the War on Abortion: Teen girls having to take a pregnancy test to play high school sports, adult women having to pee on a stick for their jobs, having to prove you aren't pregnant before you can cross state lines or get on a plane, "We just want you to come down to the station and answer a few questions" after every miscarriage ...
@7 is clearly trying to make a point that 27 weeks is past the point of viability, and it's a shame that this hospital in Columbia didn't have access to medical technology capable of detecting a faint infant heartbeat. @7 may not realize that 27 weeks is a month or so past the point where one can obtain an abortion in the US, and that Latin America's death rate from abortion is 100-600% larger than the US (despite similar abortion rates) due to its illegality in those Catholic countries.…
Damned Kennedy, since he must have been the 5th vote.

I don't know what you'd expect the four Catholics on the Court to do other than what they did in this case, as in many other cases.

Several years ago I would have said Ginsburg should retire and let Obama appoint another liberal to make sure it's not 6-3, but now Congress wouldn't let that happen. He'll not get another even vaguely liberal appointed to any office during his term.
@14: Ginsburg may never retire, because she is probably the single best member of the current bench.

I have a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge crush on her. Yes, my wife knows.
can't some of them just die already?
three of the rightwingers are fairly young. The 4th is too mean to die. Unfortunately, Ginsburg (while, as @15 says, being definitely the best of the bunch) is not young and has already had cancer once. I'm afraid she'll die during a Republican president's watch.
In better news, Albuquerque voters have voted down an effort criminalizing abortion after 20 weeks:
@17, If the 4th one you're referring to is Scalia, I say keep the faith, as hard as it may be, since he's not all that young.
Republicans are dumb to put these kind of restrictions on now, with the hope that they go to the Supreme Court and either overturn or partially overturn Roe V Wade.

They must be thinking, "why don't we piss off the vast majority of women right before the first female candidate (of a major party) in our nation's history runs for president!"

What brilliant strategy!
@20, they're just chipping away, state by state, detail by detail, in the hopes that women (who they think are stupid) won't notice. I doubt if they're worried about Hilary because they probably don't think she'll be nominated. (Neither do I; she has too long a history w/baggage and will be pretty old by then.)
First, any hospital must accept a patient with life endangering circumstances. It's not as though they couldn't call an ambulance and have the newly aborted female with the 0.05% possible complication go and see another MD.
Second, the same clinics closing, such as any Planned Parenthood, are likely to be preventing more pregnancies than they end AND ending them earlier, with easier access and available Plan B, will decrease possible complications.
Third, there must be somebody better than Hillary. This coming from somebody that supported her in the primary against Obama.
They will succeed in banning it in all but name in the Old South - we are, and it seems to me, always have been, two countries. After they succeed in doing this, all the young women who take Roe for Granted will have to get off their asses and actually vote.

I'm bitter because I worked for the VA state Senator (who just got stabbed) in his run in '09 against an anti-choice jihadi and we warned people and begged and pleaded...and they just said "oh, he's about jobs, he'll never do that"...and then we got trans-vaginal ultrasounds.


Gah. Sooo pisses me off.

I'm w/ @17 - she's gonna stick around and die in office and a GOOPER will put another 45 year old Scalito (worse than Scalia frankly) on the bench. Thomas is more likely to croak before Scalia...I think he's the next right-winger to leave.
This just makes me sick inside. I fear for my young cousins and niece.
The SCOTUS conservatives are a bunch of assholes, yes. But I believe that what they did was send this case back to the lower court where it is still pending. SCOTUS does not like to take cases that skip over the lower courts.

As to getting Obama appointments approved in the Senate, the Washington Post reports today that Harry Reid will call for overturning the fillibuster rule before Thanksgiving.
One other thing. Don't forget that women still have one very good alternative if an abortion clinic is not at hand: the morning-after pill. The prochoice forces should turn our attention to making the pill widely and cheaply available in every state to every woman. How about a delivery service? And the best solution of all is don't get pregnant in the first place by using the many forms of protection before intercourse. We should push harder on the availability of free or low cost contraceptives everywhere.

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