Are you someone who checks in on a regular basis to see if Anita Sarkeesian has posted another video in her "Tropes vs Women in Video Games" series? Well, then let me save you the trouble, because here's the newest one:

If you've forgotten about Sarkeesian, here's a bit of back story.

This newest video in the series came out a couple of days ago (the internet is a race, etc.) and it's the start of analyzing a new trope. While the first three videos were about the Damsel in Distress archetype, this starts to talk about what Sarkeesian dubs the Ms. Male Character trope, in which female characters are just male characters with a pink bow on their head. (Or eyelashes, or lipstick, or jewelry, or all of the above.) There's a detour into Personality Female Syndrome and the Smurfette Principle, she compares Eve to Ms. Pac-Man, and there's an old-school Lily Tomlin cameo. What more do you need?

This is one where you really need to watch the whole thing to get the full argument Sarkeesian is making—after 10 minutes, I wasn't sure I understood her approach, but by the end I got the larger concept and I needed to have gone through all the beginning stuff to get there. And this one seems particularly academic and less goofy; I wonder if that'll turn some people off.

Anyway, enjoy!