Pfft. I was calling stuff hipster before everyone started doing it.
I love hanging out with all my hipster friends at the Bellevue Square Cinnabon.
Well, if you think of a hipster in the very narrow definition of "insufferable douchebag," then Bellevue is definitely a "top hipster spot".
Bellevue is for sure the place. The last remaining hipster in Seattle is Goldie. Where is he this week? As much as I give him hell, you can take one sentence of his posts, and it has more intelligence in it than entire combined posts of Eli, Dan, and Paul.
More racially/ethnically diverse perhaps, but certainly not as socioeconomically diverse. Big difference.
Bellevue may be less White than Seattle, but it is not more diverse.
It lost meaning for me when I realized that I got a different definition for it every time I asked somebody what a hipster was, and that their definitions basically amounted to "anything I happen to find distasteful or irritating in other people." Go be a snob somewhere else.
I live close to where I-90 starts and when the woman I am dating asked me to go see a movie she suggested Ballard so we could also get a bite to eat...after researching it, I saw the same movie was playing in Bellevue which was 1. closer (15-20 minutes) 2. fantastic places to eat (Korean!) and 3. parking! I do not love Bellevue however I must say that was a fantastic experience - so, Ballard can just blow it out its own ass.
Realitytrac really mangled the naming of that dataset. It's just areas likely to continue to gentrify. So say goodbye to all the delicious strip mall Asian joints while you can.
Also, A Bucket of Blood will always define quintessential American Hipsterdom, forever and ever:…
@4, comically bad trolling!
Well, sort of more diverse. As a percentage matter, persons of diverse ethnic origins are a larger proportion of the total population in Bellevue than Seattle, because of the large influx of asian, indian and east aftrican folks in east Bellevue.

But in terms of raw numbers, there are VASTLY more people of color in Seattle (+150,000 vs. 40,000). And diverse communities have yet to penetrate the power structure in Bellevue (don't talk to me about business lackey Conrad Lee).……
Q: How many hipsters does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

A: It's a really obscure number, you probably haven't heard of it.

DOMINIC! - You're correct, as usual. Bellevue is more diverse.

And you can park your damn car all up in that bitch.
Eat well in Ballard? Its an oxymoron. The blandness of the place bleaches out any substance and flavor.
Lost all meaning or been further co-opted by commercialism, like most trendy cultural phenomena?
Puhleez, REAL hipsters read Kerouac, listen to John Coltrane and watch French New Wave.

They're also mostly in their 60's...
@18 - Exactly! And it's why the word actually lost its relevance in 1965, not because some marketing DB applied it incorrectly to Bellevue last week.
Are they getting hipster confused with metrosexual?
I actually went and read the RealtyTrac post (I know, slow day) and this is how they came up with the dataset to figure out the places hipsters are flocking to:
1. Zipcodes that have a high percentage of people aged 25 to 34, because hipsters are young.
2. Zipcodes where at least 25% of residents walk or use public transportation to work, because hipsters don't drive.
3. Zipcodes where at least 50% of housing is rentals, because uh, this is a post about rentals.

So just another truthy clickbaity post then. Hey, it worked!
isn't Bellevue 43% non-white and Seattle 42%? That's really about the same, and our non-white people are worth more anyway because in total they've got way more melanin.

You might edge us in the districts but we've got the popular vote, so get that shit out of here Bellevue [cut to Dikembe Mutombo wagging middle finger].
1, psshht. I was declaring the word 'hipster' meaningless, like, in 2010. where have you guys been all this time?
@ 3 Have you been to Capital Hill? Its all hipsters

Like the SCOTUS said I can't describe it but I know it when I see it.
@22. 43 is more than 42. Dominic's assertion stands.
I'm betting many of those 25-34 year olds gave that zipcode because they have gone back home to mom and dad and now walk to their job at the strip mall Korean joint because they got a degree in getting stoned and can't actually afford Capitol Hill.
The racists are already trying to define away "Asian", or at least a certain kind of (well-off) Asian, as "white", anyways, just like they did with the Irish and Italians before them, which would put Bellevue back in the "lily-white" category. I don't think it's ever going to work, because the Asians aren't going to play along, but you never know.
Not to OCD on this, but, regarding diversity and census data:

2010 Census data for the Non-White population of each municipality [meaning all races, including those who are self-identified as “mixed-race” or “other"]:

Seattle: 33.7%
Tacoma: 39.5%
Bellevue: 40.8%

caveat: the source cited is The Seattle Times

Are you sure? I remember reading an article a few years ago that claimed non-white Americans are more frequently identifying themselves as "white". Most of these people hailed from Asia and North Africa.
Hipsters are just the offspring of yuppy hippies, everyone knows that.

@28 Bellevue does have a very large population of Indians (we got a fancy Gandhi statue!) and a rainbow of Asians. Could be part of it...
Well Bellevue was ahead of the curve, it was like the current incarnation of Capitol Hill years ago.
I went to Bellevue College (B.C.C.) in 1968 when it was at Newport High School. Sheesh! I'm an old boofer! There were a lot of hippies around then, a lot my friends went to Viet Nam, some came back, some didn't........ When will we learn that wars do not solve the problems between cultures?

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