Wow. Take an hour to have lunch with your mother, then come back here and find that Utah has legalized same-sex marriage and Cienna is leaving.
REPOSTING this from the other thread, because, seriously, this is the best thing I've read all year...

The fact that the judge cited Scalia's tantrum in the Windsor dissent as part of this justification for overturning the Utah ban is just delicious, delicious, delicious...

"The Constitution’s protection of the individual rights of gay and lesbian citizens is equally dispositive whether this protection requires a court to respect a state law, as in
Windsor, or strike down a state law, as the Plaintiffs ask the court to do here. In his dissenting opinion, the Honorable Antonin Scalia recognized that this result was the logical outcome of the Court’s ruling in Windsor

SCALIA 'In my opinion, however, the view that this
Court will take of state prohibition of same-sex marriage is indicated beyond mistaking by today’s opinion. As I havesaid, the real rationale of today’s opinion . . . is that DOMA is motivated by “bare. . . desire to harm” couples in same-sex marriages. How easy it is, indeed how inevitable, to reach the same conclusion with regard to state laws denying same-sex couples marital status.133 S. Ct. at 2709 (citations and internal quotation marks omitted)'

THE COURT AGREES WITH JUSTICE SCALIA'S INTERPRETATION OF WINDSOR and finds that the important federalism concerns at issue hereare nevertheless insufficient to save a state-law prohibition that denies the Plaintiffs their rights to due process and equal protection under the law"
We will legalize gay marriage in 2014. Sorry for the delay.
Are you sure that's supposed to say "county employees" with an O?
@2: Yes, that is delicious.
I didn't realize at first that the judge chose not to stay his ruling, and that marriages were now starting IMMEDIATELY!!! I'm stunned, thrilled and overjoyed! Congrats Utah.

I'm also amazed that the judge felt so strongly about his ruling that he chose not to stay it. That is a pretty big deal. Way to go Judge.
Hurrah, hurrah! We seem to have enough signatures to get it on the ballot here in Ohio in 2014, too.
Does this mean the state wont appeal to SCOTUS?
Re: the New Mexico clerks. That's exactly what they should do. If your religious beliefs do not allow you to perform the functions of a particular job, then you should get a different job. End of story.
@8. No. The State has already promised to appeal the decision up the line. This is not the end of the story. The real question is whether or not this Judge's opinion will be stayed by higher courts, or allowed to stand while the appeal is underway. Either way, there is precedence that should keep all marriages performed now to remain intact through the appeals process.
Ah! My boyfriend and I are so excited. We haven't stopped crying and laughing since we heard the news. Both of us had been resigned to Utah being one of the last states.

Holy shit! You cannot take this smile off my face!

Did you think he meant country matters?
Michael and Seth!!! Close friends of mine, and my employers as of January. They filled out that application last week under the assumption that it would be denied. We're crying tears of joy. This is insane. In a good way. Everyone who lives in Utah "knew" we'd be the 50th state to legalize gay marriage. What a magical thing to be proven wrong.
@12 - I was making an attempt at a lewd joke. Take the O out of "county" and there you go.
J seth anderson has his " boy meets blog" website. He has been active -for liberal causes- in phoenix, and salt lake city. Pretty amazing he was 1/2 of the 1st couple to get a license in Utah!
So has anyone heard from Orson Scott Card recently?
It's starting to look like we might be approaching some "critical mass" line, that point where having a certain amount of acceptance will avalanche to cover the entire country in short order. The more states that accept/endorse/adopt marriage equality, the more shrill opponents get in the remaining states, and the less persuasive their arguments become.

The Sodom and Gomorrah crowd is losing. Like Harold Camping, there are only so many times you can predict the end of the world before even your most devout followers stop listening.

It would be nice, of course, if the Supreme Court would step in and put the question (of whether committed gay couples have the right to live with the privileges and recognition of marriage) out of its misery for once and for all. But we might have to wait until there are only 3 or 4 states still banning it before the Court steps in to put a cherry on the top of this Equality Sundae.
I have had a doctor use a proctoscope on me. With the pain involved I cannot understand anyone wanting sex in the behind. And since the behind was not built for that kind of activity internal injuries can happen. I do not understand someone wanting to cause the kind of injury to someone they love.
@20: Sorry about your ass. Note: YOUR.

Did you know that some women find vaginal intercourse extremely painful? Now that you know, no doubt you'll want to make it your business to spend every waking hour trying to stop vaginal intercourse for everyone else on the planet.
anyone know if there is there a website devoted solely to counting down the states till it becomes nationwide?

This by far the best site related to marriage equality:
Wow this is amazing, especially if it is allowed to stand.

I really thought that Utah would be one of the last states to have marriage equality (unless of course the Supreme Court did a "Loving V Virginia" and made it so across the land all at once).

I thought that Utah would be right before Mississippi and Alabama (where it is still technically illegal to buy sex toys such as vibrators and dildos).

One more thing, this shows why elections matter.

The judge who ruled this way is an Obama appointee who was confirmed by the US Senate.

Make sure you vote in EVERY election!
So freaking thrilled to be a Utahn tonight. :-) (And yes, I'm white, square, straight, went to BYU, and into snowboarding.)
@25 Yes! And what I find delicious is the way the LDS spent millions on Prop H8 and ended up losing in both states.
This judge was "picked" by Mike Lee, who knows everything there is to know about the Constitution... :)

Watching Gayle Ruzicka's head explode on KSL as she sputtered about gay marriage was priceless.
I think the state may be in trouble with these stay requests. All of the cases they cite (the 2006 Bruning case from the 8th Circuit, the Abercrombie and Sandoval district court cases from the 9th Circuit) are pre-Windsor. Nowhere in their discussion of the likelihood of success of their appeal do they address the importance or even the existence of the Windsor decision. 

Here's my guess: the 10th Circuit will punt. They will deny the emergency request (as will Sotomayor, the SCOTUS justice for the 10th Circuit) and will direct the State of Utah to pursue its request for a stay through the normal channels, beginning with the district judge who will take his sweet time ruling on the motion. Unless they draw an ideologue at the 10th Circuit, nobody there is going to stick their neck out to grant an emergency stay only to be smacked down by Sotomayor.

PS @20: did the doctor find your head with that proctoscope?

@23 - thx but i just meant something like a simple map, bi-colored, updated as the nation is overtaken with equality, with a number count...
kind of like your avatar.
Oh look. Their bigoted beliefs would have prevented them from performing basic duties of their job, so rather than decide that they're entitled to the job regardless, they've given up their positions to be taken over by able-minded folks! Good for them!
If you quit like that, you aren't eligible for unemployment benefits, right?
@20: Did he at least buy you dinner first?
@20: Women get pap smears, and yet still want sex. MYSTERIES!

(Also, women enjoy anal sex as well. DOUBLEMYSTERY.)

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