Wow, for a paper trying to help investigate attempted arson at a gay bar I think that last line may have been a bit too far.
Yikes! Grandma's in the house and she's swinging a skillet at your punk asses!
This post is an obvious fake. Even to a dizzy old lady like me.
I adore Kathryn Rathke's way with a line.
I recall more damaging barbs than this. Could this be a peace offering?
@5: ya think? LOL.
"My face eats bullets" FTW
@8: No doubt, remember how they went after Rob McKenna?
@ 5, 10. The British have a saying for this: "No shit, Sherlock".
You might reconsider trying to out-stupid the stupid, Mr Mayor. You're only legitimizing the Stranger's all hat, no cattle political commentary. You've never been cool and hipster-trendy and never will be - an asset component to what got you elected. Go with what you've got and let the Stranger's irrational man crush on your predecessor's style over substance "leadership" die the embarrassing death it deserves.
If that was real I'd vote for that guy.
Yeah, it's hard to tell who is more of a childish here; the mayor for being a crybaby and shutting you out or, The Stranger staffer that wrote this pisspants rant.

Here's a suggestion, Deal with It.
LOL at the article and at the pearl-clutchers
Plagiarism Crusade Backfires on Paper

(Seattle, January 5th) The Stranger — a Seattle alt-weekly which has extensively covered recent accusations of plagiarism by celebrities and clergy — was hoist on its own petard yesterday when a blog post on its website was revealed to be lifted from a Canadian paper.

The seemingly satirical post attributed to Mayor Ed Murray turned out to be copied word-for-word, with only the names changed, from a December 2010 guest column in Toronto’s NOW by that city’s then-newly-elected mayor, Rob Ford.
Spoof? Parody? satire?? Hoax?? Does ANYONE know the differences????
Please don't insult the high art of satire and parody by associating it with this juvenile attempt to look clever. What were they thinking? That anyone would find running Rob Ford's rant (if that what it is) under Ed Murray's name funny? Poignant? Relative? Meaningful? Cute? Insightful? Crude? Insulting? It's so lame it even fails stupid. A analysis of why Goldy can't get a booger out of his nose would have been better reading - if it hadn't already been done before when no one had anything to say. Man...
Lol. Now The Stranger can simply take the audio from this clip and say it's an exclusive interview with Murray about his transportation policy for the next term.…
This bad, bad, very bad blog post has ruined a once great city. Seattle is now and forever broken.

How could you?
@1: Don't pretend to care.
Don't stop being a giant asshole.
@20: Pretty sure you've been had by @17
@25: The rest of us actually care about the queens involved while you're here trying to score zingers.
The purpose of this entire article is The Stranger trying to highlight their "zingers" over the past many months and create some new ones.

This is definitely a new low by the Strange-r folks.

Leave the Mayor alone! He won by a landslide, for Pete's sake. And he hasn't even been in office for a week.
Fuck. Have any of you folks calling this a new low and other wise getting your panties in a knot over this ever actually read The Stranger?! For fuck's sake, they've been doing exactly this sort of thing since practically day one.

Lighten the fuck up. Or go take a rest on the fainting couch or something. But don't mewl here, it just makes you look dumb or ignorant. Or both.
@29 This is Seattle for god's sake. If someone loses by a "landslide" we just keep revoting here or somewhere till they finally get what they want, like with the monorail, the tunnel, Safeco Field, etc.

Murray will probably rise or fall on whether they get tunnel more than 1/3 done before the next election and what the obvious cost overruns are by that time, that is, if there is an opponent who is trying and isn't tainted by their own prior votes.
@30 They don't get it. Our political world has gotten so messed up that many people are trying futilely to rely on the Stranger to cover the entire center and left of the media spectrum because they have nowhere else to turn to, either to agree with or to argue with.
@30: It's not that folks don't enjoy spoofs and satire, it's that it rarely done with the sophistication and caliber we expect. It's also a disappointment, not a lack of humor, from folks really thinking that the first openly elected gay mayor of Seattle would write a new year's editorial for the city's best alt-weekly - only to find out it is the most sophomoric piece that wouldn't meet the standards by the human resources department of The Onion.
@25 - talking to yourself again?
I love all the sanctimonious outrage from the five or six people here, some of whom should know better. Haven't you ever read The Stranger before?

@29 "A landslide"?! What are you calling a landslide? A few points?
OMG!! Guys did you see this?

Dan Savage, author of Savage Love, a widely syndicated sex-advice column, got a letter in March from an 18-year-old college student who indicated that his parents "grew up" reading Mr. Savage's column. The letter writer stated that he "felt weird" about asking "his parents' advice columnist" for oral sex tips. The young man's real name and the name of his college were both included in the e-mail. Mr. Savage had the young man killed. Mr. Savage does not regret this homicide.

Dan had some poor kid killed and totally doesn't regret it!! Oh this is sooo bad!!
@36: it's like people entirely missed the regrets edition.

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