We loved Portal and Portal 2—and generally speaking, we love puzzlers that take one simple gimmick and run with it as far as they can. (There's a bit we won’t spoil near the end of the original Portal still gives us chills.) So when we heard about a game in development that plays with forced perspective, we peed a little.

The Museum of Simulation Technology is simple enough to get quickly: Grab an item, turn or tilt, then drop the item and it's resized to fit your new perspective. But the designers (grad students at Carnegie Mellon) wreak all kinds of havoc with that one little hack, from bridging gaps to resizing home appliances to distort the environment to…well, it gets weirder, and we like weirder.

They threw together this demo reel for their game, and wow is it rough. It's still worth watching for those who like trippy visual puzzle games, and we're hoping they can polish it up and ship it before we're too old to enjoy it.

We'd feel like chumps if we didn't also mention SCALE, which we liked enough to back on Kickstarter a few months ago. It uses a similar resizing mechanic, but gameplay looks quite a bit different. It's much slicker at this point, and is definitely worth a look.

The Stranger Testing Department is Rob Lightner, Paul Hughes, and Mary Traverse.