Just because the Eagles arent in the Super Bowl doesnt mean I cant enjoy my traditional Philadelphia pretzels and beer.
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  • Just because the Eagles aren't in the Super Bowl doesn't mean I can't enjoy my traditional Philadelphia pretzels and beer.

Omigod, omigod, it's here! Super Bowl Sunday! Seahawks! Lombardi Trophy Fever! And since Slog has been your number one source for Super Bowl coverage for almost half a century, you'll want to check back here throughout the game to vent your frustration, celebrate the triumphs, and read our expert sports analysis.

3:10 PM: America the Beautiful! Sung by a queen? That's not our national anthem! What the fuck?

3:17 PM: As my ex-in-laws loudly cheered to the sight of the Seahawks running out onto the field, my daughter leaned over and whispered in my ear "Go Eagles." I love you Katie!

3:26 PM: And in case you're a little ticked that at The Stranger for assigning an Eagle's fan to live Slog the Seahawks' Super Bowl, well, it could've been worse:

3:33 PM: Wow. All I can say is wow. A safety off the opening snap. Can't ask for a better start to the game. Two points for the 12th man, even in New Jersey.

3:42 PM: First he destroys marriage, now football. Why does Dan hate America?

3:46 PM: Field goal! Dan's boyfriend comes through! 5-0, Seahawks!

4:07: Dan's boyfriend kicks another field goal! I guess 8-0 is a great start for the Seahawks, but considering events, they gotta be disappointed that they didn't come out of those drives with more points. Seahawks are dominating, sure, but they better score some touchdowns.

4:12 PM: Interception Seahawks! Not sure I've seen such a lopsided start to a Super Bowl.

4:16 PM: End of first quarter: Seahawks 8, Broncos 0, with the Seahawks driving after an interception. But the rest of the stats are tremendously more lopsided: 148-11 in total yards, 11:41 to 3:19 in time of possession.

4:23 PM: Touchdown Seahawks, and people are setting off fireworks in Bothell. (Or assault rifles. It's that kinda neighborhood.) 15-0 Seahawks.

4:31 PM: In case you're ready to switch the channel from this one-sided game, Cash Cab is on KOMO-4, Northwest Backroads is on KING-5, and Pets TV is on KIRO-7. So you've got choices.

4:33 PM: I share your joy, Dan.

4:38 PM: Pick six! 22-0 Seahawks. Not having an emotional stake in this game, I have to say that it's getting kinda boring.

4:41 PM: America is sad. Fuck America.

4:58 PM: Yes, it was a pretty dominant first half for the Seahawks, 22-0. But keep in mind that their offense has only scored 1 touchdown. So as an Eagles fan, long accustomed to disappointment, I've just got to warn that this game isn't over.

5:02 PM: Kelly O's halftime recommendation:

5:29 PM: An ex-in-law took my ex-mother-in-law to Holy Mass last night. He says he's never seen so many Seahawks-clad Catholics praying against the Denver Broncos. Looks like it's working!

5:31 PM: Percy Harvin just earned his paycheck. Kickoff return for a touchdown to open the second half. 29-0 Seahawks.

5:40 PM: Remember, Seahawks fans, empathy is what makes us human:

5:47 PM: So, how was the half time show? I missed it because I was watching Pastor Mark Driscoll's Resurgence Halftime Show instead.

5:52 PM: If you're bored, over on PBS Creates, America's Test Kitchen is showing you how to make a great carrot layer cake.

5:57 PM: YATO

5:59 PM: Honda commercial fail:

6:02 PM: Broncos forget how to tackle. 35-0 Seahawks. Meanwhile over on KWPX, Monk emotionally shaken after an earthquake strikes the city.

6:08 PM: I couldn't have said it better myself:

6:11 PM: Bronco's touchdown: 36-8 after the the two-point conversion. I'm smelling comeback.

6:13 PM: From Stranger NFL analyst Charles Mudede:

6:26 PM: Another touchdown. Seahawks 43, Broncos 8. Coming up next on A Chef's Life on PBS Creates: "Chef Vivian Howard and her husband go to Maple View Dairy and discuss buttermilk with the dairy's manager, then the couple tries to shoot their twins' Christmas card picture, and later Vivian's nieces and nephews attempt to make buttermilk."

6:34 PM: Too soon?

6:39 PM: Actually, other than on the scoreboard, the Broncos are still in this game:

6:56 PM: Seahawks win the Super Bowl, 43-8!

7:05 PM: And on to the post-game open thread!