Washington State institutions should not only divest...but re-invest in clean energy technologies with promise, the way Stanford is...technologies like artificial leaves that produce hydrogen directly from sunlight.

Nice to see WSU excelling in this area with a recent win in Hydrogen refueling station design.
Things that make you go, Hmmmmmmmmmm....…
Oh my goodness, not only universities but I guess everyone must go through their investments, funds, IRA's, 401Ks, etc. to make sure that no company is increasing their carbon footprint however indirectly.
Looks to me like there will be a good investment opportunity if this keeps up: downward pressure on share prices while the coal company profits remain.

Good for the capitalist-imperialist ruling class.
No, the UW has seen its funding cut year after year.

If investing the endowment in baby guillotines and whale blubber futures provides a rate of return significantly above other investments I say go for it.
Because, you know, it might help more kids afford to go to college.
No coal! No gas! No oil! No nuke! No nuthin'!
Hey Ansel, is there any kind of energy you like that actually works in the PNW? The fact that we have at least partly cloudy skies about 2 days out of 3 kinda puts a damper on solar. Hydroelectric kills salmon; wind power kills birds. Nukes are messy and dangerous. LNG terminals are bombs waiting to detonate. Coal and oil are environmentally destructive. Got any other practical suggestions? (Yes SROTU, I see your hand up.)
If shareholders actually own companies, as has been argued, why wouldn't it be better for conscientious owners to exert positive influence in these fields?

If shareholders do not, then why should it matter if the arbitrary financial instrument is green or black?
@8 the number one country in the world for solar energy production is Germany. Their climate is pretty close to ours. We have enough sun to make it work, we just lack two way metering, a tax credit and a way to finance it until it pays for itself.

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