I missed this story at the Motor City Muckraker until today, but it's definitely worth a read. There was a men's rights conference in a Detroit suburb last weekend. Due to low interest, they had to move the conference from a venue that could house 250 people to a venue that maxed out at 100 people.

And of the less-than-100 people who did show up, one has a history of anti-Semitic comments, a second one is on the record encouraging men to "beat the shit out of women," a third wanted the age of consent to be lowered to 13, and a fourth "molested" a reporter. The rest just said terrible things. Go read the report.

Look, we know that most men's rights "activists" are dejected teenage boys who haven't figured out how to talk to women yet. And now it turns out that the ones who stick with the "movement" into their adulthood turn out to be the kind of off-putting outcasts who live lonely, hateful existences on the fringes of society and construct conspiracy theories to explain their pathetic lives to themselves. When you push aside the curtain of the internet, you're looking at a handful of frightened outcasts with no control over their lives. This is something I've always suspected about men's rights activists, but it's satisfying to see those suspicions turn out to be true.