Originally posted on reddit (…) by his boyfriend. Try contacting him via there
That video (and it's youtube comments) make me loathe humanity. What the fuck is wrong with people to make them so evil? Religion? Fear and hatred of the unknown? Or just innate fucktardedness?
This should go without saying, but stay away from the YouTube comments. Seriously.
I'm crying right now watching that video.
Reminds me of a Moth radio story from a couple of years ago about a man coming out to his parents. I got to the end of it and just thought, what a waste. What a fucking waste. This person disowned her son over nothing. Over this, ultimately, completely meaningless thing (in the grand scheme of things, anyways).

Hope the kid's okay. Physically and psychologically...
@3 - I regret even sampling that cesspool. At least I kept myself from commenting this time, but still...

I feel dirty.
I hope he calls his "mothers" gay friends and gets the hell out of there!!
Good thing he's an adult (at least 20 based on what is stated in the audio) and can probably fend for himself. But still horrible.
Good riddance. Hell as much as I love to see these people shamed it won't work. Hell we've seen them twist things so that they're the victims in the video. I would spend another second of time on them.
Very sad. Couldn't watch to the end. Kind of you, Dan, thinking to help him.
Looks like someone already set up a fundraiser:
This shit still happens. It's nice we can get married but we need to get out of our sheltered safe lives in Seattle and save the rest of the country from the nightmares they live in. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. (MLKJ)
This is why the gay kids live on the streets. I know donating money is already possible but it would be great to have a couch surfing style way to hook up kids like this with people in their area willing to help. If only I knew how to make websites.
Some of these kids are completely adoptable and some are already into drugs, would be great to get them before they get too much into the street kid culture. Grown-ups willing to take these kids in and be good role-models would be a good start. I have thought about being a foster parent to teenagers, it might help to have nothing of value to steal, lucky me I qualify.
What can we do to shame them? Give their kids a safe home.

"My name is Lawrence Poirier! And I live here!"

Twenty-one years later, and we're still having this fight. What can we do? Give these kids a safe place to be, since their parents apparently aren't up to the job.
Oh, right. In re the quote in #14 above ...

Johnston, Lynn. For Better or For Worse. 1993.
I would like to volunteer to be a safe house/foster parent for lgbtq teens who can't live with their biological families. I keep thinking that there should be some sort of underground railroad-type thing: a list of people willing to take in these kids and the funds to get the kids to the people/houses. Surely some sort of non-profit can be created to do this.
I'm with @9 - there's so much idiocy there, he's better off ditching them. He also sounds to me like he's grown a pair, is confident in his own identity and knows she has the problem, not him. Indeed - he's doing exactly what Dan recommends: telling her it's her problem, not his, and that it's her choice to shut him out.

And he's 20 years old! I was at odds with my parents at 20 and went out on my own, knowing the price of getting free of the apron strings was having to bust my ass to support myself. That seems to me to be an appropriate thing to be doing at that stage of life.

While I think the mother's reasons are awful and incorrect, I don't think parents are obligated to support every single endeavour their semi-adult (ie, over 18 year old) child undertakes. No, they shouldn't shut them out and emotionally reject them, but it is OK to say "this activity is not OK with me, in my house". I think we could easily substitute any number of things - oh, say, shooting porn in the living room - or dropping out of college to be a professional ski bum - which a parent is well within reason and rights to choose to not finance or otherwise enable.

People will object that having a gay child is different from having a ski bum child, and I agree (being a ski bum is more of a "choice" unlike being gay), but that's not the point: the mother thinks it's a choice - or rather, that choosing to accept himself and his sexuality is a choice (seems like she'd be happy for him to be a self-loathing closet case) - and he's 20. This would be very different if he were under 18 and still in high school. Even then, he'd probably be better off finding an "adoptive" family.

I think she's an asshole, and he's well rid of her, but I also think it's OK for him to be - at 20 - learning real self-reliance. Cut her off for a decade and don't lose any sleep over it. Looks to me like he's not all that distraught - he knew what was coming, and had the presence of mind to record it.
16, Are you saying that parents should reject their child if they believe that child to be genetically damaged, or mentally ill? Are you also saying that you are sexually attracted to your own gender, but simply choose not to act on it?
Yes my heart breaks for the childhood and adolescence he endured. But I'm in a bitchy mood today. He's 20, Dan, give me a fucking break, he's not a kid.

Yes, it's tough to make it on your own in your early 20s which is why I support for free college tuition and unlimited unemployment benefits for all. But in terms of donations, y'all? Make them to registered charities like Point Foundation for LGBT young adult scholarships:
or an organization that helps LGBT adolescent runaways in your local area.
21, So you're saying once you hit 18, you shouldn't feel pain if your parents reject you?

This poor, brave kid. We can talk all we want about his horrible family (and they are undoubtedly horrible and sadistic), but this is his *family*, and the dismissive "good riddance" comments don't respect the reality of the situation. He's lost his family. And for many, when you lose your family, it feels as though you've lost everything. I hope, deeply, that this boy can build a loving, supportive community of chosen family around him, and that he doesn't turn the cruelty of his biological family inward.
@23 - I'm not sure what kind of family you have, but it is true that "losing your family" - when they are toxic POSes - is indeed better.

@22 - yes, being rejected is bad, especially by parents. However, after you're 18, it is time to start learning to be an independent adult, and that includes emotional independence, and learning to get past rejection, particularly rejection by people who don't have your own best interests at heart. The biggest issue with the mother is that she is putting her own interests - the shame of rejection by her band of whack-a-doodle xtians - ahead of her love for her child.

Sorry, life isn't fair or just, huh?
24, I didn't say anything about the fairness of life.
An awful lot of rejected gay kids from the Old South seem to end up in NYC, where it's damned hard to live on the streets, especially in winter.

One of the charities here serving them is A host of other resources are listed in this NYC Resource Guide for LGBT Youth. Check it out, especially the section on organizations providing housing.

There are other similar resources in other major Cities around the country. Please list them if you know them.

Please keep these organizations in mind when you're trying to figure out how to help the victims of asshat parents.
"But he's 20, he's an adult not a kid!"

Our economic system โ€” with a shitty job market that doesn't hire young inexperienced workers, a housing market with skyrocketing rents, and urban planning that makes people dependent on expensive auto transportation โ€” doesn't enable young adults to go out and make a life for themselves at age 20 anymore. Sounds like the guy in the video has a job but I'd wager it's part-time and pays less than $10 an hour.

However, even if he can't afford an apartment he would probably be better off living in a cardboard shack in the woods than with his toxic so-called "family".
For all the progress we've made, this still happens. For young gay people coming out can be a dangerous prospect.
Saw this in another blog post for the kid in the video
@3: Not that reddit is a pure state of enlightened nirvana, but the browser plugin AlienTube ( replaces the youtube comments with those from relevant reddit discussions. A must for staying sane.
The Reddit OP clarifies:
Just for clarification: this is not me. It's my boyfriend. His parents kicked him out for being gay.

I hope nobody else has to go through this. It's so traumatic for anyone that has to.

EDIT: Thank you for all the outpouring of support. He does have somewhere to stay for now until he gets on his feet. Unfortunately, his car was taken back as well. It seems terrible right now, but I feel confident that he will make it through this and be OK. If you know of anyone in a similar situation please help them out in any way you can!…
Dan -- this person claims to be the young man's boyfriend:…

I can donate $500 to help if you manage to get a charity fund set up. Good luck to all.
I hope that someday those people are going to be very embarrassed of the way they treated that young man. They are the ones who are not fit to live in the same house as him, not the other way around.
31, So you're saying that you're sexually attracted to your own sex, but have simply chosen a lifestyle in which you don't act upon it?
36, So you feel that rejecting your child because you deem that child to be defective is a form of medical treatment?
There's a GoFundMe campaign for the kid here: . The Daily Dot wrote this up here:… .
40, Repeat after me, "I am Elmer Fudd. I own a mansion and a yacht."
So on one hand, Mom says that she's known since he was "a tiny little boy" that he was gay.

On the other hand, she says that she doesn't believe God creates anyone "that way", and believes he has made a choice.

So...does she think he made a choice to be gay at the age of two? How about three? Maybe four?

The cognitive dissonance makes my head hurt.

@40, a boat? At 20 you had a job that paid well enough for you to have a truck, an apartment, college tuition and a BOAT??? If you're talking about an actual boat requiring berthing fees and whatnot, I have to call bullshit. Are you 1,000 years old? Most people with decent jobs can't afford a boat in this day and age, let alone college and a boat at the same time.
"At 20 his parents were providing food, shelter and a car for this toddler. At 20 I had a decent apartment, a truck and a boat and the job that paid for them. Oh, and I was paying for college.

"And I was even born in a ditch! And it was not a dry ditch! No! Wet as a sop, with a foot of water in it! And if this young man were to come to me for a job, he'd be expecting me to spread turkey carpets on the floor, and want me to feed him turtle soup and venison with a silver spoon! Which I am not a-going to do!"
Kennesaw, GA and to think, I had Bumfuck, Arkansas as the probable location.

@40 -- Totally is a lifestyle choice to want to be treated like a human being by your own family. And it is totally their choice to treat him so inhumanely.

To clarify, watching college football on Saturday and cars turn left on Sunday -- those are 'lifestyle choices.' Being gay, not a choice, lifestyle or otherwise.

Disowning your gay son, that's a lifestyle choice too. One made by intolerant, ignorant hicks.
Thank God for parents who love their children, youth or adult, and understand how difficult it is to become self-supporting, especially during these difficult financial times. My parents gave shelter and food as my siblings and I grew up in the 70s and had to move back home several times. We are all now productive, self-supporting adults who are caring for our aged mother (father passed away in brother's home, in our arms, surrounded by love.) I have three adult children, two of whom had to move back home temporarily. They will always have a home, a soft place to fall.

And one of them is gay. I love them all deeply, unconditionally.

To those whose lives are filled with hate, intolerance, bitterness (#21, 40, 45) I would suggest that you try to love.

It might just change your life.

The sexual behavior in which you engage is one of two things. It is chosen or it's rape.

I won't question the statement of someone telling me they feel unnatural desire for same gender sex. Why would they lie about it? But desire does not equate to justification for behavior. Nor does it force one to acquiesce to the perversion.

And again- the twerp disowned his parents, his own words, not the other way around. The mother asked that he behave in her home on her dime in accordance with her values. She supported him precisely by denying support for a perverse self destructive lifestyle.

Put another way- if his perversions were removed from the equation- if the kid wanted a harem of girlfriends living in their basement and his mother refused- none of you would support him. You'd hear the whiny baby note of a kid who never had to work to get a nice home and food and a car and call him what he is- a petulant infant and a twerp.

Bit he's 'gay' so he's right. About everything. Right?
Thank God for parents who love their children, youth or adult, and understand how difficult it is to become self-supporting, especially during these difficult financial times. My parents gave shelter and food as my siblings and I grew up in the 70s and had to move back home several times. We are all now productive, self-supporting adults who are caring for our aged mother (father passed away in brother's home, in our arms, surrounded by love.) I have three adult children, two of whom had to move back home temporarily. They will always have a home, a soft place to fall.

And one of them is gay. I love them all deeply, unconditionally.

To those whose lives are filled with hate, intolerance, bitterness (#21, 40, 45) I would suggest that you try to love.

It might just change your life.
Entitled like a White Christian business owner, right SB? No wonder you can call it.
I don't wanna dox the kid but from the looks of his FB page, he's getting a lot of support. Not that this wasn't super shitty -- it definitely was -- but I don't think he's going to be living on the streets any time soon.
BTW, SB, you need to get your lazy ass in gear and get to work. Your clients aren't paying you to troll.
@48 Heterosexuals are not defined by their sexual behavior. Most people don't look at a hetero couple in public and immediately wonder and judge them on what they might do in the privacy of their home. So why must you do that with homosexual couples? Why do you assume that the hetero couple doesn't participate in "perversions"? Why do you assume the gay couple does? Sounds like you might have some issues.

Your "put another way" doesn't matter. His family are disowning him because he is gay. Period.
48, So tell us how you suppress with your homosexual desires? Should gay people live a life of celibacy, and solitude if they can't make themselves desire the opposite sex? How should we punish gay people who can't will themselves to feel heterosexual feelings?
@48: Well his boyfriend gave an update saying that the young man has a place to stay and is busy getting on his feet, so there's that.
Being booted from the nest isn't necessarily a bad thing; I have no doubt that he will most likely go on to go to school, get a job, marry his boyfriend and be a productive member of society, but his parents are going to have a lot hard work ahead of them to repair their relationship with their son.
How sad for them.
@53 - "Most people don't look at a hetero couple in public and immediately wonder and judge them on what they might do in the privacy of their home."

Oh. "Most people." I was about to say "speak for yourself."

P.S. SB never fails to disappoint :)

His family didn't disown him. He disowned them.

And homosexual behavior is by definition perverse. Heterosexual acts may be, but can be healthy.


Maybe some of those things will happen.

If the twerp ever reaches a mental age greater than his present one of 6.

But in my experience, admittedly anecdotal, homosexuality and perpetually delayed maturation seem to be connected.
The signifier of SB's objectivity and superior intellectual understanding of the situation is his repeated use of the word "twerp" to describe the young man.
@ 57, stop sucking your clients' teats and GET TO FUCKING WORK, ya worthless leech.
So let's raise some money for homeless LGBT youth!
@16: As someone who has taken Basic Biology and followed it up with some Advanced Biology culminating in a Biology Degree, I will tell you that Homo sapiens is actually a BISEXUAL organism. Puzzle over that a little while, and look up what "bisexual" means if you still don't get it.

@36: "don't fear Science"
The current science on the issue says that homosexuality isn't a mental illness. I don't think we're the ones who are afraid of science here.

@40: Ah, you went to college, did you? What a fascinating new development!
I'm honestly curious. If you don't mind telling, what is your degree in? And if it's not too prying, where did you go to school?

@48: "I won't question the statement of someone telling me they feel unnatural desire for same gender sex. Why would they lie about it? But desire does not equate to justification for behavior."
Why, in your opinion, does having sex need to be justified? After all, it doesn't hurt anyone (assuming lube is used if needed).

I know what you're going to say. You're going to say that queers suffer from depression at higher rates and that male homosexuals have higher incidence of sexually transmitted infections. Bullshit. Depression doesn't magically go away if you stop having sex with the kind of people you're attracted to, and having gay sex is no more risky than having straight sex with regard to STI transmission.

Or maybe you'll just say that homosex is disgusting and against your religion. In that case, you can go fuck yourself with a cactus.
You know what's disgusting and against my religion? BACON. It's a greasy slab of cardiovascular risk factors, and it comes from a land animal that doesn't chew the cud and is therefore unclean. But I understand that not all people are exactly like me. Some people like bacon! Some people aren't Jewish (or Muslim for that matter)! I may not agree with them or understand their preference, but I don't think that Jim Gaffigan is a deviant out to destroy all things desirable, and I don't think my (adult) sister should be kicked out of the house just because she likes it.

Luxury, luxury.

SB, after all the crap you've shoveled over the past few years, why would any sane person believe a single word you say? I certainly don't. This is the Internet, and, as we all know, any anonymous troll can make up anything about themselves and not worry about actually having to substantiate any of their claims. So, until that happens (which, of course, it won't), don't be surprised if the rest of us take your statements with a metric tonne of salt.
To be fair to Seattleblues, there is only about a 99% chance he is lying in his comment @40.

Keep in mind that back when people his age were going to college, liberal economic policies, strong unions, high taxes on the rich, and a relatively high minimum wage kept college tuition low, jobs plentiful, and credit easy to come by.

Of course, conservative economic policies that privileged blowhards like Seattleblues support made those things go away, pulling up the ladder of prosperity so that the next generation would have a much harder time.
@ 63, SB claims to be about my age - if so, he went to college late 80's/early 90's. Junior colleges and some statr four-year places were within the range of some who worked through school, but even at that time most people in that place would have needed additional money. SB has never claimed to have earned any scholarship prized (no surprise there), so he probably took out some student loans as well. It was possible to not be buried by debt back then, especially in the prosperous Clinton era that followed.
Thanks, Mom and Dad for not being like these parents. I know it was difficult for you at first, but never once did you waver in your love and support for me.
Yeah, what Sam @65 said. Thanks mom & dad.
This is just a reminder that when I recently caught Seattleblues lying through his keys, his response was to complain that I don't focus the same scrutiny on people who don't lie on SLOG nearly as much as he does.

@57: "And homosexual behavior is by definition perverse."
Izzat so? Let's go to the experts.
"1: of, relating to, or characterized by a tendency to direct sexual desire toward another of the same sex
2: of, relating to, or involving sexual intercourse between persons of the same sex" (Merriam Webster)
"1 (Of a person) sexually attracted to people of oneโ€™s own sex.
1.1 Involving or characterized by sexual attraction between people of the same sex" (Oxford)
So what you mean is that homosexual behavior by definition involves two people of the same sex getting it on, or wanting to get it on. Where does "perverse" enter the equation? Oh yeah, that's your OPINION.
Verily, as it is written in the Tubes of Internets:
Wow great argument fagtron you sure convinced me with those hot opinions.

Also, you sure seem to call people "twerp" a lot lately. And some people here have claimed you act like a typical closeted homosexual...
Hmm, where else have I seen those those two traits in common? WHERE INDEED?
Good grief. It sounded like a combination of a Tennessee Williams play and a "Family" skit from the old Carol Burnett Show. I swear one of the voices sounded like Eunice Higgins. You sure this wasn't a play rehearsal with Burnett?
Tried to listen. Just couldn't.

You sure like throwing around the word lying, boy.

Here's something you didn't learn yet, junior. Not sharing your opinion about thing and lying aren't the same thing.

And my point stands. Your interest in the lies and half truths Stranger "journalists" and the histrionic lefties commenting spew? None at all. Your interest in opinions you hate and erroneously call lies? Intense. So at best you're intellectually dishonest. At worst you're just a hack spitting up the liberal bullshit that passed for your education.

Gloss over it all you like, cover it with a nice academic word salad and nothing has changed bur the words used to describe homosexuality.

At base it still ignores basic human sexuality for perversions. At best it's profoundly unnatural. At best the vast majority simply can't comprehend same sex attraction.

But polysyllabic words in journals mean more to you than the reality they can't understand. So have fun with that, kiddo.
@70: But you are dishonest. You threw out those renters of yours for being gay, but hide the fact so that you won't get in trouble for breaking the law. You talk about how much better you are as a person, less vulgar and/or hateful in your attacks on others etc, yet hide what you say here from your pastor.
You live a lie.
Venomlash doesn't owe you parity in his critiques. No where is it written that he is obligated to call out another individual for every time he spanks your ass.
Whining that that's not faaaaaaaaaiiiiiirrrr, while typical of you, is not a valid argument.
If you want to support the guy, his boyfriend set up a thing to take donations:
71, So tell us how you suppress with your homosexual desires? Should gay people live a life of celibacy, and solitude if they can't make themselves desire the opposite sex? How should we punish gay people who can't will themselves to feel heterosexual feelings?
SB, your opinion is just that; a fact does not change because you refuse to acknowledge it as fact. As people who protested integration and interracial marriage in the 50s and 60s are now looked upon as brainless and hateful nincompoops, so you will be looked upon by future generations. Indeed, you look that way already.
Hey SB, are you still willing to show up to a public place in Seattle and be called a liar to your face by me? I'm ciming to town next summer.
* coming to town
Subhumanblues so which one of your kids is gay/lesbian? Maybe you don't know yet but one of them is. How will you cope when you finally learn the truth? Will your wife join you in casting them out? Will your other children? Or will you find yourself alone stewing in righteousness?

Not renewing a lease is not the same as eviction.

Not showing my internet history to someone uninterested in it isn't equal to hiding it.

Noting the intellectual dishonesty of VL (or the thing called Savage or Kid Herz or Paulie Constant etc) isn't whining- it's a valid point in arguing with him.

Reality is really very difficult for you to understand, isn't it?
"I am Seattle J. Blues, millionaire. I own a mansion and a yacht."
@80 - Don't forget his Italian villa too!
82 a mother, I cannot begin to understand how she could be so vile and hurtful to her son. I hope that young man found some help, omg....As a Christian, I cannot comprehend how she brings God into her rant, the one recurring theme is "judge not", and yet she, and her ilk bring God into their hateful rhetoric and it is so inaccurate. God help this world from such "Christians".
I pray to god every day that SeattleBlues hasn't bred.
@79: Not renewing their lease specifically because they were gay is illegal. If your conviction that breaking that law was the right thing to do is so strong,why not be open about it? Why not take the consequences?
You claim to be a good Christian while behaving in a vile and hateful manner. Your Pastor, as your spiritual guide by definition would be interested in the behavior of a member of his flock. Again, if you feel that the things you say here are justified and righteous, why not share them with him?
You hide what you do and say here from your Pastor because you know that, even if he agrees with your opinion on homosexuals, he will hold you accountable for the hate and bile you spew. He also might tell you that what you did to your renters was wrong.
Saying "why don't you yell at Bobby? He's been bad too!" Is the argument of a child, so I will respond to you the way a mother would respond:
We aren't talking about them SB, we're talking about you.
The misbehavior of those other kids doesn't get you off the hook for yours little mister!
You are a dishonest person. You should talk to your Pastor and see if he thinks that the things you say and do here are the things a good Christian would say and do.

Our house is modest, small by suburban standards. But we paid it off early and it's ours. And I don't have the maintenance of a McMansion of whose 4000 square feet half are ever used.

My truck is 14 years old, my wife's car 5.

We own no boats at the moment. Though I keep looking at small cruising sailboats on Craigslist. Been years since I've cruised the San Juan and Gulf Islands and Chatterbox Falls is still a dream trip. But if I buy one it'll be 4 or 5 thousand at most. Less if I can find one needing minor work and cleaning being auctioned for back moorage.

In short we're like most hard working Americans with reasonable financial prudence. We're comfortable because we're careful and disciplined. Not lucky. Not privileged. Not the 1%. Just average Americans.

Blah blah blah.

With one exception, you're just repeating your loaded words expecting that this time I'll buy your value judgments.

But with that exception I take issue. I don't say hateful or vile or bile filled things. I calmly state opinions and facts in clear non profane language. With the exception of openly evil things like Savage trying to ruin as many lives as it can, I respectfully engage even in the face of the vile hate and bile from other commenters. With evil like that compromise and discussion aren't productive or worthwhile.
THis entire situation is heartbreaking and sadly not surprising at all!
Lack of response = SB is running from his own challenge like a scared rabbit.

BTW, SB, here is a lake-of-fire worthy lie:

I calmly state opinions and facts in clear non profane language.

You are as profane as any if us. I would be surprised you didn't light up like a roman candle, except that your god doesn't exist so neither does any of his punishments.
When I came out to my mom this year, she hugged, told me she was glad I was happy and healthy, and then said, "But hey, we've got a dinner reservation to get to--tell me who you're dating over Chinese food."

God, my heart just breaks into a thousand pieces for people who weren't lucky enough to be born to parents like mine.
@86: "Blah blah blah"?
What you did was illegal.
"I don't say vile and hateful things."
Have your Pastor read just this one post. Just what you wrote right here @86, and see what he has to say.
Go ahead.
Oh and ask him about dodging the consequences of breaking the law.
You are a dishonest and cowardly man.
Right SB, you NEVER say hatetful or vile or bile filled things about people - except of course, when you DO, just as your constant, pathetic, puerile attempts to dehumanize Dan by calling him "it" for example, prove beyond refute.

You're a liar, a hypocrite, and a thoroughly despicable excuse for a human being and everyone here knows it, as does, presumably, the deity you purport to worship. I only hope any children you may have realize it before you do them irreparable harm; assuming you haven't already.

If you believe in an afterlife, I'd start preparing now, if I were you, because you're in for one Hell of an eternity.
@22 me? coldhearted?

Of course one can feel pain if rejected by parents as an adult, no one should have to go through that. That's not what I said. I said bullshit on donating money. Instead give it to registered charities that help LGBT homeless youths or ones that help LGBT young adults attend college.

This whole American culture of individual charity acts is bullshit and Dan is stupid for endorsing it with a link in his post instead of a link to the registered charities that help LGBT youth and young adults.

I also support universal unlimited unemployment, time unlimited for folks who can't find work (all people, regardless of age or sexual orientation, enough for basic food and shelter), plus free college paid by taxes and free healthcare for all, blah blah blah. Hardly cold hearted.

And yes I work hard, pay taxes, and have not had to draw any welfare benefits myself (not yet, ya never know), and the countries with all these benefits (Norway, Sweden) are some of the best for business in the world, so it's pro-business to be in favor of generous benefits for all.

But private fundraisers for an able bodied 20 year old? Sheesh. Gimme a break.
@win200 - Your mom is awesome! All the best to both of you.
This is Daniel's Facebook page:…
Are you guys sure that Seattleblue has a job?

I would bet that he's on disability for a "back injury" and spends his days sitting on his ass, screwing around on the computer, trolling liberal sites when he's not busy watching porn.

Coincidentally, after I finished watching this video, my adorable 2-year-old daughter toddled up to me and gave me a hug. And I couldn't imagine the headspace of someone who would kick out their own kid.

Have these Bible bashing idiots actually read the Bible? It's full of passages of Jesus hanging out with prostitutes, tax collectors, lepers, and adulterers. That guy did not give a flying fuck about what others thought of his "associations." You know who did? The Pharisees (religious leaders) who ultimately had J.C. crucified.
We have room in our home for him if he needs a place to stay.
@Seattleblues go fuck yourself.
If only SB would choke on his crunchy jack off sock. If only SB could sail off and enjoy a Jaws experience where he shines as Jonah in a shark's belly.
What COMTE said.
That was awful. The shitty character his family showed says a-lot abou why, despite being heterosexual, I have always believed in equality for gays.
Before I knew much about gays other than the fact they existed, before I knew any open gays, I knew that people who would shun someone over this are pieces of shit.
And I hope he has great friends who can help him out. Those first couple of years after leaving an oppressive environment can be rough.
that mama of his sure got a mouth on her. you praise jesus with that mouth, lady?
@70: You claimed to believe that if one wishes to engage in civil disobedience one should be willing to face the legal consequences. You also claimed that due to your opposition to the ACA you would refuse to comply with it and would also refuse to pay any penalties associated with it.
You're lying about one of those things. Which one?

@71: Those are all Grade A USDA-certified OPINIONS, Seattleblues. And you're calling your opinions reality, you ignorant fuckwit.

@79: Refusing to renew a lease based on animus against a protected category does count as illegal housing discrimination. Under state law, what you did was illegal.
Complaining that I don't call other people out for lying as often as I do you really is just whining. Maybe the reason I catch you lying more often than I do other people is because you just have a tendency to tell easily-caught lies.
Wow! It is amazing that he has raised almost $50K in just 1 day. I set up a GoFundMe campaign for a friend of mine who got fired from his job that he had been with for over 6 years and doesnโ€™t have any help because heโ€™s gay. I just pray that he can get a fraction of these donations. So inspiring to know that complete strangers are willing to help others so much.
It always feels like a thread has been slimed when that sad , look at me with my naughty attitudes and behaviour, idiot joins in. And why do you guys continue to encourage this person by even responding?

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