• Kelly O

Tickets for HUMP! 2014 have been on sale for less than an hour and 1,500 tickets are already gone—before we could even post an announcement about tickets going on sale to Slog and Twitter! So, yeah, HUMP! tickets are going fast, porn fans! Don't wanna get stuck waiting for rush tickets in the rain outside On the Boards or Cinema 21 or the Capitol Theater? Order your HUMP! tickets now!


We have tons of great submissions for this year's festival—we seriously can't wait to watch them all—but the HUMP! Jury won't be able to convene until next Wednesday. So HUMP! filmmakers have an extra week to get their submissions to us. The new HUMP! deadline—the drop-dead deadline—is October 7 at 3 p.m. Everything you need to know about submitting a film to HUMP! is here. If you're a filmmaker who already submitted a film and you would like to make a few additional tweaks, e-mail us at and let us know to look for your tweaked version. And if you were thinking about making a film and didn't get around to it... you have a week!

Any other HUMP! questions? E-mail us at!