If Dems are sending a coherent message, I'm not receiving it. Is that their fault, or the media's, or both? The only story I ever see in the mainstream media lately is "republicans confident about midterm results."

As has been pointed out, Obama has lots of accomplishments to stand on, why is he hiding? He should be out every day screaming "If you want the country to improve, elect a congress that DOES SOMETHING."
The Republicans have been running worst economies in the country. Every Democrat needs to keep pointing this fact out. It's exasperating!
Gee whiz, Paulie, I believe you are right, people really are so excited about the 2016 election, where they will have the wonderful chance of electing either Hillary Bush, or Jeb Clinton, to be the president, and are therefore ignoring those pesky midterms.
Paul, saving the environment is an ok goal. I can name dozens of songs through the years that address this topic. Are there any hip-hop songs that are devoted to National Forests, ecology, etc?
@ 1, I'd blame the Dems for that more than the media. If they were making a concerted effort to get that simple message across, the media would report it.
@4: I would not say the show it basically empty due to a lack of "traditional values," but rather how it is pretty much just privileged white girls complaining about problems they more or less create themselves.

Outside of the first couple episodes, the show is just boring and irritating. Imagine listening to the whiny non-problems of a really sheltered girl for half an hour, and you do not even get to sleep with her for your trouble.
Another problem is that republicans consistently and blatantly lie to their constituents, and although their constituents grumble about it, they still vote republican again and again.

Democrats, on the other hand, are afraid to lie to their constituents because they'll threaten to vote for a third party candidate or simply not vote at all.

Republicans can go ahead and make grandiose plans about saving the country and lowering taxes and yadda yadda yadda and they know they can throw all their promises straight in the toilet and their voters will still vote for them.

If Dems promise to make things better for gays, but then only make things partially better, their voters howl with rage and then pout at home during the elections.
Do Americans believe that for the economy to flourish, they have to suffer?

They believe someone has to suffer, just like they won't accept healthcare if everyone gets it. How else are we supposed to know who's a winner and who's a loser?
The problem is that too many Dems have a fundamental conflict between their voting base (i.e. progressives/liberals) and their donor base (i.e. Wall Street/Corporate CEOs, etc). They can't really pursue the agenda of either constituency without pissing off the other. So they try to communicate in such a way as that appeases both but that is a tough needle to thread in more often than not their message comes out muddled. Republicans on the other hand don't have this conflict nearly as much (their voting base seems to care more about 'value' issues which generally don't conflict with the anti-regulatory/low tax corporate agenda). And I think in general, republican are a lot more comfortable brazenly lying when their corporate agenda conflicts with any populist message they want to use.
You're missing a big piece of the puzzle, which is that Republicans don't have to actually do anything to succeed. Whether they succeed in rolling us back to the middle ages or just manage to prevent Democrats from moving us forward, they win.

If we look at politics as Win, Lose, or Draw, Republicans can succeed with either a win or a draw. Democrats can only succeed with a win.
Dems enact the policies of their donor base--slow bleed to death the welfare state/new deal, bail out criminal bankers w/ no jail time, and low taxes for billionaires/millionaires, and give the voting base lip service--"We like gay marriage and $15 per hr minimum wage.

The problem w/ the Dems getting their message out via the media is that it is owned by Conservative Corporate Interests that primarily favor Republican policies, which accounts for the republican talking points you hear for the most part.

"Ah did not have sex with that woman."

Enough said.


The average newspaper or television news source leans left in this country. Internet sources skew even farther left. Quit whining and ask yourselves-
Why in a leftist loony bin like Seattle does lefty talk fail consistently?
You all claim Americans like lefties better, why would 'conservative media' run for profit not give it's customers what they want?

Could it be that the myth of conservative media brainwashing Americans is just that? (Hint- the answer is yes.)

Politicians all lie to get elected, if by lie you mean promise stuff they don't know they can deliver.

Pretending Republicans have a lock on that isn't merely naive, it's actively stupid.

Yes, I know. If your policies steal from half the population so that the other half can make bad decisions viable, that's hardly surprising. Democrats effectively buy votes with taxpayer money. Immoral and repugnant, but still damned clever.

What's heartening is that even in the moocher class of citizens a surprising number still vote for sound fiscal policy- that is for Republicans.
@ 16, more SB Tears, waiter!
@16 Republican states get the biggest federal payouts.
"Ah did not have sex with that woman."
And Clinton was never again elected to public office after that.

All politicians lie, but it's the republican voters who happily swallow whatever their leaders shit forth and ask for seconds.

The moocher class of citizens? Oh, you mean Big Corporations... yeah, they do vote republican, you're correct there.
But sound fiscal policy? Since when have republicans ever been fiscally responsible? You're thinking of the dems (e.g., "Ah did not have sex with that woman"... left office with a surplus).

Presidents rarely run for office after leaving the White House. Name one in the past 100 years who served some major elective office after his tenure as president.

Clinton partly attained the Oval Office because of Bush Seniors famous "read my lips....". Though in a sleazy cheap kind of way Clinton was charismatic, so he might have won regardless.

Clinton enjoyed the strong economy Reagan created and Bush held after inheriting Carters collapse. Odd that libs always forget Carters mess....

But to Clintons credit he was nearer the American center right the left. That is, he understood that business doing well means Americans do well.

Corporate profits are already taxed twice. Once at the corporate level, and then when the taxed profits are given to shareholders or corporate officers. Just how many times would you think taxing the same buck is "fair?"
Regardless, Clinton was never again elected. You made the mistake of using him as your example.

Your second and third paragraphs are speculation at best and wishful thinking at worst.

Corporate profits are already taxed twice.
Big deal, so are my profits. I have taxes taken out of my paycheck and then I pay sales tax when I use money from my paycheck to buy something. Cry me a fucking river.

I'm not complaining about being taxed though. I realize that revenue goes to make society better; whereas corporate taxes just get squirreled away in overseas bank accounts or donated to anti-social, anti-American republican douchbag political parties, or passed on to son after son, generation after generation. Like the Romneys or the Bushs. People who inherit their wealth and then call everyone else lazy and shiftless.
I realize that revenue goes to make society better; whereas corporate taxes just get squirreled away...
corporate profits, not corporate taxes
@22 - Taxes on income (your paycheck/their profits) is not the same as taxes on spending (your new iPhone/their employees, research, materials, etc.).
I just love how Seattlebutthole still thinks that the hardworking poor who work one or two jobs just to make rent (if they're lucky) are the "moocher class".

Seattlebutthole, you think things like Obama Care are for the non-working poor? They already have Medicaid. The huge number of people you disparage are mostly hard working folk who do the work that makes YOUR LIFE easier! The Walmart Employee, the burger flipper, the dishwasher, the trashman. the roofer, fruit picker.

These people produce far more per dollar earned with their own hands than the fucking rich (Kock brothers, Mitt) do, yet you claim they are moochers who don't deserve squat.
Suck on that and cry some more salt tears, you delusional whiner.
Republicans are callous, evil, motherfuckers. What fucking excuse do you need to vote other than to KEEP THEM OUT OF OFFICE??

Register, Bitches.
@16 Kansas.
Conservatives always vote GOP regardless of how repugnant and corrupt a toad the party elects. They also have an aversion to incontrovertible fact (and, typically, rules of grammar). Look no further than this very comment thread for proof.
I think you bungled your headline.
To understand the Dems you have to become engaged. That is asking more than most voters are willing to do. The red meat Republican message is delivered in an easily digestible format. In today's climate branding is one area where Dems get slaughtered.
im still voting green or socialist
@ 32, the GOP thanks you for your civic duty. But they won't invite you to their victory parties.

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