Probably not the Seahawks bandwagon. Bandwagons arent literal.
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  • Probably not the Seahawks bandwagon. Bandwagons aren't literal.

Everything is ablaze on the bandwagon known as the Seahawks' Insufferable Journey to Rewinnining the Super Bowl™. The fire started last week, at home against Dallas, but the flames were fanned on Friday when Star wide receiver Percy Harvin was run out of town in a most ignominious manner: getting traded to the Jets for a conditional draft pick.

And then the Seahawks went and lost to the Rams 28-26 yesterday. For context, the Rams are pretty bad. Their quarterback Austin Davis has the name and skill-set of a quarterback auto-generated by a video game that didn’t pay for the NFL license. On Sunday though? Davis was cooly efficient, and the Seahawks porous offensive line let the Rams find their groove defensively for much of the first half. Now the reigning champions face an early two-game deficit in their division with a brutal run of games to come.

But let’s not dwell on the negative. Let’s get positive. Let’s keep being insufferable, by smiling through adversity when everyone expects us to panic. Here are some reasons to stay on this flaming bandwagon of insufferability.

1) The Rams' special team plays were awesome on Sunday. The Rams managed two of the best special teams plays of the year in one game: one a fake punt deep in their own territory to ice the game and the other a fake punt return that used a Houdini-esque level of misdirection. Seriously, check this out:

The guy on the bottom of the screen looks like he's going to catch the ball. This is a lie. The guy with the ball is on the top of the screen. He scores a touchdown. This is almost impossibly clever.

The good news is that there’s little reason to think the Seahawks can’t get their special teams play back in line. The team has been dealing with injuries, including a pregame injury to Derrick Coleman, meaning that the likes of rookie wide receiver Kevin Norwood were pressed into duty unprepared. But you know what the Kevin Norwoods of the team will be going forward? More prepared.

2) Russell Wilson was awesome on Sunday. Despite a slow start, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson spent Sunday becoming the first NFL quarterback to ever throw for 300 yards and rush for 100 yards in one game. That's special. That's really, really special. Harvin's absence was a non-factor for Wilson, who looked in sync with his receivers, and made the most of the little time he was given in the pocket playing behind a beat-up offensive line. The Rams' fake punt late in the game was a spectacular play, but it was forced by Wilson's brilliance. Everyone watching the game knew that if Russell Wilson got the ball in his hands, he was winning the game. That's a good place to be with your quarterback.

3) Richard Sherman was awesome on Sunday. While the rest of the Seahawks' defense struggled with injuries and sloppy play (the less said about Tharold Simon’s 2014 debut—which included a fight, two flags, and a badly sprained ankle in less than a half of football—the better), Richard Sherman was busy being amazing. He did his typical "shutdown half the field" thing, and threw in a handful of game-changing tackles. He then recovered a fumble that would have given the Seahawks the ball with a minute left in the game and a chance to win… except the refs didn't see it that way and the play was not reviewed.

It should be noted this non-review was the new most infuriating Seahawks moment of the Pete Carroll era. After an hour of swearing, I've decided to consider this karmic equilibrium for the Fail Mary game, and will never speak of either incident again.

4) The Sounders were pretty good on Sunday. The awful taste of that non-review that will not be spoken of again was washed away by the Sounders coming back from two goals down to draw the LA Galaxy on the road. This draw was a big deal: the Sounders play the Galaxy again on Saturday afternoon in the last game of the MLS regular season, and a win or draw will give them the Supporters Shield, awarded to the MLS team with the best record in the league. This would be the Sounders' second major trophy of the season (soccer teams play in multiple competitions at the same time… and players play for both a club and a country… it gets confusing) which is a huge deal. Double trophy seasons are very rare. A win or draw on Saturday would also give the Sounders home field advantage for the MLS Cup playoffs. Were they to win that as well, they would be the first MLS team to ever win three trophies in a year, securing what’s known in soccer as a Treble. Trebles are the sort of things that lead to major European cities being lit ablaze. It is the ultimate achievement a club soccer team can pull off. It remains a longshot, but that a Treble is even on the table for the Sounders is very cool.

5) We can only be unlucky for so long. Back to the brain-destroying version of Seattle football, the Seahawks have been unlucky this year. Last year was a bit of a magic carpet ride. This year the Seahawks have been more like every other Seahawks team in history. But you know what? That's okay! This team is still really good, even if it's a really good team with old school Seahawks luck. We beat Denver for chrissake, and they look unstoppable. There is still hope!

That said, if we lose to the Panthers next week? Burn it down. Burn the bandwagon straight to the ground, and eat the ashes. Let the ashes pass through your system. Then and only then shall we be cleansed.