Brett Hamils marvelous hair is offset by steadily growing pit stains.
  • Brett Hamil's marvelous hair is offset by steadily growing pit stains.

Starting last night and continuing through tomorrow night, Seattle comic and writer Brett Hamil is headlining a series of shows at the Comedy Underground, all of which are being recorded for his debut comedy album, to be released by Uproar Entertainment. Last night, after his first show, Hamil answered some questions via e-mail.

How'd it go tonight?
I’m happy. They’re recording all the shows this weekend (five total) so tonight was basically the shakedown run. I had a friend there who’s a great laugher. She’s got a high-pitched cackle that’s volatile and zany enough to spur even more laughter from the rest of the audience but not so insane that it’s distracting. Perfect.

So your first headlining gig at Comedy Underground is also being recorded for your first comedy album. Do these facts make the whole endeavor more nerve-racking?
I’ve done so many shows at the Underground that it feels like an old, worn-in, slightly sticky glove. But still, I was a little nervous until I talked to this super-stoned random guy in front of the club. He said, “Are you a comedian?”
“Yeah, I’m actually recording my album here this weekend.”
“So you’re a musician, too?”
“No, it’s a standup comedy album.”
“So… they’re just gonna record you telling jokes and then the people laughing?”
“Yeah, it’s a… comedy album?”
I realized there are people who don’t even know that standup comedy is a genre of recording, so why sweat it so much?

Let's say it's one hour before you're due on stage—what are you doing?
Tonight, because the venue is so close to home, I was hanging with my dogs on the couch. They’re my hype men in life, giving me constant props and positivity but also reminding me to keep it real. I’m able to draw lots of primal energy from their enthusiasm and funkiness.

And now it's five minutes before you're due onstage—what are you doing?
Checking my setlist one last time and then wiping it from my mind—old college trick. Checking salivary lubrication for signs of potential drymouth. Checking hair: still great. Checking pit stains: growing steadily. Preparing to talk emphatically for an hour. Then I polish off a watery domestic beer.

What can audiences expect at your shows tonight and tomorrow?
I’ve worked very hard to make sure these jokes are the ones I’d want to put on an album. They’re tooled to generate maximum laughter to the best of my ability. It can be dumb, angry or opinionated but I try hard to never alienate people for who they are. Comedy is for everyone. Also, I’ve got some of my favorite comics opening for me who are brilliant and talented. But mostly it’s jokes about my dogs.

See Brett Hamil perform tonight and tomorrow at the Comedy Underground. Full info here.