Wizdumb pictured here with his Australian White Tree Frogs, Barry White and Betty White
  • Brooklyn Benjestorf
  • Wizdumb pictured here with his Australian White's Tree Frogs, Barry and Betty White.

Name: Wizdumb

Where: Vermillion

Buy Him a Shot Of: Hornitos, however… “I don’t really drink shots,” Wizdumb says. “I do Pabst Blue Ribbon.”

Ask Him to Make You An: Old Dirty Fashioned. “I just made it up the other day. It’s an Old Fashioned with a splash of Coca-Cola in it and a little flaming orange zest.”

What He’s Doing When He’s Not at the Bar:Making rap music for my new album. It’s called Möstly Crëw and it’s coming out Christmas Eve. I produce and I rap. I feed frogs. And I’m a professional dingus.”

Words to Live By: “There’s a couple of George Carlin quotes that I really like, but I think my favorite is, ‘Those who dance are considered insane by those who can’t hear the music.’”