hmm, I don't see it on torrent sites yet. Give it another half hour.
Interesting. So many "new release" $15 movies on Google Play are pre-ordering. Would be refreshing to be able to watch the film from the comfort of my own home theater without fear of being 9/11'ed at a theater by North Korea.

Also, I can make popcorn that's less than $5.
Oh fucking come on, Paul. The whole world is not Seattle, and not everyone CAN go to an independent cinema screening this movie. There is no legitimate complaint here.
Sorry the movie will be available to the masses in every corner of the world instead of just art house hipsters. So lame :'(
Are they really being screwed? It's not like movie theaters have unlimited capacity and the initial shows at Ark Lodge are already sold out.

People aren't going to give a shit about this movie after christmas anyways.
Paul, do you ever get tired of posting hyperbolic bullshit? Sony is not "screwing over" anyone here. Anyone who wants to see this picture in a cinema (if they even can, as Matt points out) can still do so. Other people just have more options now, so give it a fucking rest.
Why does Old Man Constant always throw a fit when media is distributed in ways he does not personally approve of? Why does Old Man Constant hate it when people have options?

Its unreasonable to expect any principles other than profit from a corporate entity.
Like the others have said, I think the independent art house theaters will do pretty well regardless.

I do agree with you that Sony botched the whole thing though.
@ 8, it's unreasonable to insinuate that any principles are being violated here.
2:30 and 9:30 showings are not exactly prime-time accommodations a 2 hour movie

I think the Chris Rock film Top Five is getting more showings.
Enjoy your nuclear inferno, Sony.
Old Man Constant's complaint reveals the implications of his leftyness. "For I am the arbiter of right. As I know best the use of private property for public benefits, in an economic manner of my choosing."

Fool doesn't see the irony, that the more he (Constant) tries to assert control over the forum (independent cinema) timing (this week) and manner of speech (movie) --- the closer he creeps to the dictatorial North Korean protagonist in this story.

Gotta love the Left, and there failure to see real-time irony.
I would imagine that most people who are close to an indy theater are still going to want to see it on the big screen instead of huddling around the computer to watch it.
oh please #13, don't lump constant in with the left. we don't want him either.
Jesus fuck christ over the course of the day yesterday I heard three different independent theater operators on the radio in LA and they all briefly mentioned VOD being a thing that's a looming demon (that some of them have "had to deal with" already).

They were all keenly aware that the movie was going to be available via VOD and none of them were nearly as upset as you seem to be.
This is an exceptional move. Sony was screwed over themselves, and they are trying to release a movie under very difficult circumstances. This is not indicative of their intentions toward Independent Cinema. What their intentions are, I don't know, but this release should be viewed as an exception.
I'm sure independent theaters are so, so upset that they are not able to screen a poorly-reviewed Christmas movie celebrating assassination.
@4 Ark Lodge is an art house for hipsters? Just because it's not located at a mall doesn't mean it's an art house, you wimp. Your pop culture martyrdom is really dumb if you don't feel comfortable going to a neighborhood family movie theater that screens every animated movie and big budget action movie that comes out. But hey, thanks for being such a supportive Seatowner, seatownr!
I'm with Paul on this. How hard would it be for Sony to let this movie hang out on independent screens for a couple of weeks before sticking it on the web? Is the real problem that they don't want bad word-of-mouth to kill it before it hits the masses?
On the Indy movie theaters doing just fine bit, ark lodge in Columbia city is rumored to be on the cusp of going out if business so any boost can help I'm sure. Agree with @20 it wouldn't hurt to let the indy's have it for a week or so before they blast it out on YouTube
writer complains about people using the internet on the internet

uhmerica fuck yeah
Did Sony screw over theater owners by releasing the interview online? Sony said it would release the movie in about 300 independent movie theaters on Christmas day. After that Sony said it would release "The Interview" online Wednesday. One day before the theater release. This took a lot of money away from these small theaters. Small independent that were there for Sony when the big theaters were not. Sony should have waited a few days before it released the movie online.

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