The cognitive dissonance is astounding.

This guy's attitude sound a lot like that shooter in Cali last year that was just so damn mad that all these 'sluts' were sleeping with other guys and not him.
Hey, it could be worse- you could be one of the hundreds of people Jeb Bush just leaked the full SSNs, DOB & emails of
The cognitive dissonance in my mind was astounding in my 20s and 30s. I believe it's lessened in the last 10 years, but I've also gotten a lot better at fooling myself.
You would think that a number one qualification for a Chief Technology Officer would be to have some sense of what kind of information does and does not play well when broadcast through social media.
Those jokes were only ever funny if you've got serious issues regarding women. The usual Madonna/whore complex?
@4: Five star post.
Just to play devils advocate here...

Does anybody know how old this guy is? Was he by chance in college, or right out of college, when he wrote those tweets? I'm certainly not saying that it's OK to "say" (tweet) shit like that but really, can any of us say we got through college without saying offensive shit? I'm certainly friends with some people now who were pretty douchy in college and then they grew up, got out and got a more adult view of the world. So, maybe those are just his young kid in college tweets and now he's grown up into a full respectful human being.

That said, 2011 wasn't that long ago. It would have to be a pretty big swing in personality. The more likely answer is that he's still a misogynistic prick that knows he has to keep it under wraps while he's working on a campaign.
Liberals shouldn't get to comfortable on their high horse, after all they use the slut word on women as well: Huffington Post.
Calling one particular women a slut ≠ generalizing that ALL women in a particular field or political persuasion are sluts.
I'm trying to figure out from his Twitter what he actually deleted. What's up there now is still adolescent brain vomit.

@6 - His age? I'd guess 14 from his Twitter. I'd guess 23-26 from his picture.

I'm just one data point, but here's where I am on the whole "how much we should judge a person on what they posted on the Internet when they were X years old" thing: when I was in graduate school (i.e., right out of college) c. 2002 I had a blog that I published under my real and full name. I wrote about mostly current events and politics, and other things that interested me. I was pretty strident in my commentary, frequently profane in my phrasing. I also posted some things in jest that taken out of context by someone who didn't know me might be seen as unflattering, or at least reflecting poor judgement. (For example, I think I once said about Bush's DEA administrator that I wouldn't piss on her if she were on fire.) Anyway, flash forward a few years and I realize I'm going to be on the job market, so I take the blog down and send it down the memory hole as best I can (and also quit using my real name on the Internet).

Now...if someone were to dig up the old blog (which someone with enough info and determination could certainly do) and were to confront me with it: honestly, I'd be ok with it. There are certainly things I might feel differently about now, or simply wouldn't phrase the way I would have in my early 20's, but fundamentally I don't think I ever wrote anything that was hateful. Critical (of specific people in power, of ideas, and of the people who hold said ideas) certainly, but not hateful. Not bigoted. Not misogynistic. Not homophobic, racist, etc., etc....because I'm not (and never was) any of those things.

My point being, I don't think this guy can really say that. You don't find these "jokes" funny unless you actually have a problem with women, on some level.
If voters don't want politicians to lie they must stop punishing them for telling honourable truths.
Maybe so, #8, but the context in which Ed Schultz used the term for a specific woman was every bit as fucked up as applying it to all women. Discrediting a woman because of your perceived views of her sexuality is bad news for everyone.
Czahor just sounds like a world-class narcissist.

A good Republican butt-muncher.
On the other hand, this trend for people to be "out" speaking their mind under their actual name on the Internet (present company excepted, of course) sure does give us better insights into their sexist, racist minds so we can publicly shame them in this way.

Not that Ethan Czahore is surrounded by anyone who will actually make him think twice about his actual opinions, certainly not. But at least we can know what an entitled, sexist, douchebag he is.

I'm a scientist. I'm a slut. I'm also fairly attractive. The problem for Czahor is that I have some self-respect. Attractive+slutty+self-respect would probably get me shot when someone like Czahor goes on a rampage at the lady's gym.
Gay men don't burp.
Jeb's web monkey was a Young Republican sexist asshat/is a slightly-less young Republican almost certainly lying about no longer being a sexist asshat? Wow. That's gonna be a sea change. Huge numbers of people will reconsider their position vis-a-vis Jeb Bush over this issue.

Or not. Asshats gonna ass. Yawn.
I burp freely, sometimes at the gym. It's never stopped guys from hitting on me or made me straight.
I don't think this is going to make any difference.

(1) Czahor said some stupid disgraceful shit on twitter when he was young. I confess I also said some stupid, misogynist, homophobic shit when I was 20-ish. Thankfully, there was no technology around back then to broadcast my stupid thoughtless statements to the world; the only people who heard them were a handful of military buddies. I no longer hold any of those views, and thank FSM that only a handful of people ever heard those stupid comments. In fact, I probably didn't even believe half the bullshit I said; I just said it because it sounded cool among my comrades. So I'm very reluctant to hold something like this against a young person unless there is some evidence that (a) they still espouse such views, or (b) they are actively attempting to push some of those views into law.

(2) Czahor is a relatively low-level campaign flunky. Maybe mid-level at best. Even if someone disagrees with Czahor's jackass comments, it isn't likely going to change their mind about whether or not to vote for Jeb "the smarter one" Bush. Something like this might make more difference if Czahor was someone who actually gave Jeb high-level policy advice.
Maybe if Democrats weren't always trying to pander to conservatives, more liberals would vote instead of staying home on election day because they don't see a difference between the candidates.
I voted for Obama both times, but it would have been a much more enthusiastic vote if he had been pro-gay marriage all along.
Was Obama also "pretending" when he appointed proponents of financial deregulation in the wake of the 2008 crash?

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