He looks like what you would expect a Spokane Councilman who blames contagious diseases on illegal immigrants would look like.
Who, that guy? I don't believe it.
Maybe he's thinking more big term (like Seattle City Council's condemnation of Russia's actions against its homosexuals) ?…
Illnesses and unsanitary conditions exist at some detention centers for immigrant mothers and children along the Southwest border, the Department of Homeland Security's inspector general says.

Many of the children and families who crossed the border illegally need treatment for communicable diseases, including tuberculosis, chicken pox and scabies, according to the inspector general's report, released Thursday. Homeland Security workers said they had been exposed to such diseases while on duty and, in two cases, transmitted chicken pox to their children.
who cares what he says? that outfit is a crime against humanity.
But, seriously, most people who don't really understand how herd immunity works and have lived through decades of high vaccination rates. They struggle to understand conscientious denial of vaccines as well as the plight of people so poor as to not visit healthcare professionals to get vaccinated. So they get spoon fed misinformation from the internet and believe it true (seriously, poll your newsroom about if organic produce has more vitamins and is more nutritious than standard produce).
He's Tim Eymans E. Wa henchman. Spokane is better than this.
Social conservatives are hateful motherfuckers.
@6: Er. side note on your organic produce example. Non organic produce and even frozen vegetables retain their vitamins - it's all the other crap organic produce does not have that is the benefit.
Spokane really is one of the many puss filled cysts we have here in Washington state. The five years I lived there were the worse years of my life. And here's a fun fact: he isn't even one of the really crazy people in Spokane.
This is the same city that had the "motto" (if it can be called that) printed on their city envelopes of "You CAN in Spokane!!"
Wow, wow, wow, the dude isn't a skeptic. Given his inability to assess the science, he is a denier. Don't start legitimizing his ideological refusal of scientific theories by labeling him a skeptic as if he had scientific ground for not accepting mainstream science.
Anti-vaccine idiocy is an issue that reaches across the aisles. See Bill Maher's recent vaccine piece for more.

Although the fact that he is on a health board is especially terrifying.
Ah. Spokantucky. Never change.
I understand the concept of fiscal conservatism, and why people like the idea, despite the conservative party in this country's habit of destroying the economy and spending like crazy whenever they get into power, but social conservatism is solely about punishing people because they do not live like you do. Pretty disgusting, really.
@13: Is Bill Maher a poltiician with political power? How did I miss that?

Comparing a republican politician to a celebrity who happens to be liberal is not a fair or honest comparison,and I think you know that. Find a democrat politician who believes vaccines cause autism and attempts to use their power to promote that idea, and you may have a valid point.
At first, I just thought this was a stock photo of an angry white dude circa 1993 since it so successfully ties together all of the elements of a typical Fox News connoisseur.

Pretty sure he's just mad that someone took his stapler...
Wardrobe by Dwight Schrute.
Well, the school with the second lowest vaccination rate in Spokane is the Slavic Christian Academy. So there is some basis there. Its not that they are immigrants, its that they are *un-vaccinated* immigrants. The only school to beat it is the Catholic Academy so maybe it would be more accurate to say that christians are responsible.
@19 Hahahaha! LOL. Oh man, that was perfect.

That guy would have been the perfect person to play Dwight Schrute's dad.
ah, Mike Fagan... that gem of a man has been in the news before!…
That second paragraph is brilliant, by the way.
In reality Latin America has higher vaccination rates than the US, and the ONLY cases of measles in Mexico for twenty years have been unvaccinated children from the USA.
@21 - Not trying to start a left/right debate here (I'm liberal anway), just pointing out that fighting this idiocy is more complicated than
(oops, continued) being just a stupid conservative thing.
Our dear jjak is correct. The vaccine thing is bi-partisan stupidity. Thankfully, it's a small group of bores and imbeciles.
He has the look of a republican being told that the earth is really a sphere and Hillary will win the 2016 Presidential election.

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