Jeez, not sure how to reconcile my responsibilities as an atheist with those of my pacifism. I'm kinda bored though. Maybe a good, blood soaked battle is just what I need. Yeah, screw it. Bring it on, idiots!
Can't wait for this to happen! But wait, how many times have wingnuts declared that the rapture is on us if they don't get their way? I lost count.
And does he realize that by likening such a decision to Dred Scott and the Civil War, he is comparing HIS SIDE to the PRO-SLAVERY side of the South?
Bring it.
Stupid is as stupid does.
...can a single event constitute both a 'high crime' *and* 'a misdemeanor,' or is he just yelling knee-jerk Constitution mad-lids?
I'm still waiting for the Civil War that the same people predicted would start when Obama was elected president.

Still waiting...
Do these people even listen to themselves?
@3: And he's also black.
Wait... does he think his side is equivalent to the North?
@3 Right? "This is a good reason for civil war! Just like the abolition of slavery was a good reason for war! Damn, too bad we lost that one. Hey, maybe if we win this time we can bring slavery back, too!"

(@10) "....wait a minute. No. Oh! Obviously, we'd make slaves of illegal immigrants! Serve them right. This is an AWESOME plan!"
As son as I saw the word(s) "WorldNetDaily" I gave up any attempt to take him seriously. It's the Onion for wingnuts, except without the satire.
I'm looking forward to it, Alan. We've seen the damage un-American religious right thugs have caused LGBT teens & young adults for YEARS. It is high time the rest of the world sees it too.
I've got to saddle my horse and raise the alarm... The Bigots are coming! The Bigots are coming!
Let'em. They're all too old to fight.
He should run for the Republican nomination for president again. Or the Senate. Either way, fourth time's the charm, right?

Not to imply that he's a huge loser or anything.
Time to put the UN Trilateral Black Helicopter assault squadrons on hot-standby and up the threat board to "Doltcom 2".
Oh, for fuck's sake.
There was a Civil War over the slavery issue... think Keyes would argue that we should have just kept slavery instead?
@2 for real, if there were a Civil War... [y]our side would probably lose. Who got all the guns? Who knows how to use them? What side would enlisted soldiers be on? Veterans?

It'd be bad news for 98% of SLOGgers.
@21 they'd be on the american side. you know, the side that's overwhelmingly for equality.
So are they saying their STRAIGHT Mafia is going to open their whupass on us and enforce their STRAIGHT AGENDA?

Why, that's just not right!
@8: Me too! And death panels!

They're stark raving mad. I'm not a hate-monger, yet I can see how oppression can grow hatred of the oppressor. But how does hate for a group who has never, will never harm you or your loved ones grow to the point of wanting to go to WAR??

What a fucked up weirdo. Full time hate mongering is a tragic waste of a life.
This is starting to look a little scary. What is going on? I mean, this is just about letting people get married, people who love each other. Where does the need for any war come into that.
As if the great unwashed showed much respect for the marriage vows anyway. Divorce, remarriage.
What a sad bunch.
You're all obviously missing the point: once gay marriage is legal, straight marriage will become illegal. So everyone will be forced to be gay married if they want to marry at all. To arms! To arms!
What bunk. Gay rights wouldn't spark a civil war in the U.S. No one in the U.S. is making copious amounts of money off of it. Even cities in free states, like New York City, had huge ties to the slave economy. If anything's comparable to the causes of the civil war in the U.S. today, it's dark money and corporate America's undue influence on the election process.
@22 hey bro,
I don't know if you are aware, in a civil war, both sides are the "American" side. Easily, handily, way more guns on the "no gay marriage" side.
I, in no way, agree with Keyes but the country did come close to war and mormons were massacred back in the 19th century over their definition of marriage (polygamy). We don't get much of this in schools, I was surprised to learn about the "Utah war" a few years ago. I don't think anything similar could happen today, nor do I think the LGBTQs should look to the CJCLDSs for allies. Just wanted to provide an irrelevant side note.
Oops just reread the Wikipedia article, it was the Mormons who massacred settlers from Arkansas. Who would've figured?

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