The Olympian reports that last night, around 1 a.m., two black men, who allegedly attempted to steal beer from an Olympia Safeway, were spotted, confronted, and then shot by a police officer. The men are in their 20s and reportedly are brothers. Both are in the hospital, with one in stable condition and the other in critical condition. Both were, according to a press conference with Olympia's police chief Ronnie Roberts, unarmed and shot by a white police officer, 35-year-old Ryan Donald, after fleeing the scene without the beer. The Olympia Police Department does not use body cameras.

Though at this moment there is still very little information about the incident, one unconfirmed report says the officer might have been assaulted with a skateboard.

Michael Brown, a young black male who was killed by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, late last spring, was also suspected of shoplifting from a store, which brought about the interaction with the cop who killed him. Brown would have celebrated his 19th birthday yesterday.

The protest tonight is at Woodruff Park.
The protest tonight is at Woodruff Park. Olympia, Washington / Shutterstock

UPDATE: A protest is scheduled in Olympia, starting at 6 pm. Check Slog for further updates from the protest.