Sue him if it is slander.
That's really low to go after someone's family. What a scumbag.
All these bigots sure do seem to spend a lot of time thinking about hot gay sex. Aren't they supposed to be thinking about the bible and shit jayzus said?
If the Ramada Inn across the street from the conference could talk.
Complete wanker. And clearly a terrible dinner guest. Catalina is right: Republicans are despicable, awful people.
Terry is my hero. That is all.
Brown and people like him are from a different time, when you could lie differently to each different audience with zero consequences; the audiences would gobble it all up as if it were the word of god, and no one would know how these guys changed their story according to the people in front of them. But these days are over.

Not only have those people not adapted to the social changes that have occurred around them, they've also failed to adapt to the technological changes that mean that every bloody word they say is in public is going to end up on the internet. They're really, really dumb.

Wtf? That is really, really fucking disgusting. What a piece of dog turd that guy is.
Brian Brown continues to exhibit all of the qualities of a false Christian in order to justify his $200K salary from NOM. I hope that his desperation is because he knows that soon his organization will be more pointless than ever. I also hope that he will find some honest line of employment & that his children will eventually be able to forgive their old man for being a professional bigot. Terry won the debate.
It really pisses me off how conservative "Christians" are willing to shit all over adoption in order to go after gays. There is near-universal consensus that your parents are the people who raised you, loved you, nurtured you-- who parented you-- and not just the folks who contributed to your DNA. Not one person would refer to a deadbeat dad as the "real" father, and call the man who actually raised the child a poor substitute.

Unless. Unless the parents in question are gay, then suddenly it's "a child deserves to be with his or her 'real' parents," and DNA is the only thing that matters, and parenting a child doesn't count for shit.

Go to fucking hell, you ignorant hateful closeted mother fuckers.
It all changed when Brian Brown and his hatelings became viewed as the more abnormal side in society's eyes.
Obviously he has no respect for the biblical commandment about bearing false witness, but if you sue him for slander I'll bet he would develop some respect for secular law. He gets paid handsomely to slander us in front of gullible Christians, so I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to find a bloodthirsty lawyer who'd be willing to go after all his assets.
Brian NEVER EVER tells anyone that he was Quaker before he became Catholic and that his wife didn't think there was any harm if gay people wanted to get married.

From the article below" "He liked Catholicism's traditions of social justice and work for the poor." Odd, his org is $$MILLIONS$$ in the red, all spent trying to stop 2 people who love each other from getting married. Work for the poor? Not so much.

His wife stated: "Obviously, I always realized there were gay people, but I didn't think about them wanting to get married." And once she did: "Initially, I probably thought, well, what's the big deal if they do? What does it have to do with me?"…


Uh huh.
Terry, Dan & DJ (#LilPeppiCoconuts & # Stinker too) - you know you are family. A A true family. A good family. A loving family. Doing what we all try to do every day. Be the best we can. Its simple really. People like that-there's something wrong with them. They see the world one way & cannot adjust. There isn't joy in their lives. You know what he is saying has nothing to do with being a Christian. If hate is in his heart there's no room for God. Do exactly what you have been doing. Love. Lots of it. Love each other. Love DJ. Love your family & friends. Love the poodles. & when it gets a bit much take another long weekend at Bear Mt Ranch.
Brian brown hates homosexuality, principally his own homosexuality. He is so far up his own ass that he thinks we can't tell. He is wrong.
Nothing he says can change reality, he is a sad, sad, man.
I bought that e-book Savage Love (is that the name of it) so I remembered the story of Dan & Terry adopting their son. I don't read Dan for his professional sex talk work. Frankly it's not something I am interested in. However I do read/watch almost everything he writes about gay civil rights. I especially look up to him for the wonderful family he has, and the love he has for his husband Terry.

Finally, I don't know if you are aware but Jeremy Hooper and his husband and daughter have become one of their latest targets. I can't imagine, truly can't imagine how I would react if my family was publicly attacked. That Dan & Jeremy have their children attacked, imagining all kinds of harms, is simply beyond the pale. I am pretty sure parents who are gay will defend their families with everything they have and then some. The only consolation for them is that they are changing the culture so that ones who come after them will not have it as bad. They are removing some of the bumps in the road, taking the hits, so that families in the future will have their road a bit smoother.

I hope Dan reads my comments and bookmarks this website because it is so important and we should fight lies with truth.
An October 2011 report by Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute found that, of gay and lesbian adoptions at more than 300 agencies,
-10 percent of the kids placed were older than 6 — typically a very difficult age to adopt out.
-About 25 percent were older than 3.
-Sixty percent of gay and lesbian couples adopted across races, which is important given that minority children in the foster system tend to linger.
-More than half of the kids adopted by gays and lesbians had special needs.…

300 Adoption Agencies were surveyed, that is a LOT that is an average of 6 per State. Gay, Lesbain & bi-sexual couples are providing loving homes for children who truly need a forever family. It's not right the way Brian Brown et al act like there is some kind of child snatching going on. These statistics really should be widely disseminated. (Hi Terry)
Maybe Brian Brown will roll over and let some hot dude mount him after the Supremes chime in.
If I pretend to be an anti-gay christian, will you have me over for dinner? That Christmas spread looks awesome!
Evangelical Christians have absolutely no room to sling insults about adoptions. These are people who can't breed fast enough to maintain their own numbers, so they go abroad and steal poor people's children. They've been caught doing it several times. They pretend they're just helping orphans, but lots of these kids also have "a mother and a father," (or at the least some aunts and some uncles,) who want them. They're the ones depriving these kids of their families, and we've seen the kinds of things some of them do to these kids. They're in no position to be pointing fingers. If they had any sense, they'd shut the hell up.
it would be very difficult for dan and terry to win a slander/libel case against brian brown because they are both public figures: "Public Figure: A description applied in Libel and Slander actions, as well as in those alleging invasion of privacy, to anyone who has gained prominence in the community as a result of his or her name or exploits, whether willingly or unwillingly.

If a plaintiff in a libel or slander action qualifies as a public figure, he or she must show that the libelous or slanderous conduct of the defendant was motivated out of actual malice as required in the case of new york times co. v. sullivan, 376 U.S. 254, 84 S.Ct. 710, 11 L.Ed.2d 686 (1964)"

actual malice is very very hard to prove.

anyway, this is just the last feeble squawking of a man who hasn't quite grasped he is on a rapidly sinking ship that most everyone has abandoned.
Please Jesus, keep these fundy idiots far away!! Thank you, Amen!
The oat and almond sounds yummy.
What a spread, Dan. Beautiful.
Good on you Terry. Morons like Mr BB, should be kicked out of everybody's house.
Inviting Mr Brown into one's home and not expecting something like this to happen is on a par with or even outdoes Marianne Dashwood's not expecting Edward Ferrars to come across as wooden when she had him read aloud something by Cowper.

I'm almost surprised that neither Mr Miller nor Le Fils demanded an immediate unbaptism or some formal renunciation. And three weeks in Hawaii was selling low.
I've seen the video of the dinner twice, and Dan was incredibly respectful, and clearly taking notes. Brown wants to revise history (oh, such a hobby of his ilk!), but that does not change the truth. Anyone who hasn't read "The Kid" should do so. It's a moving portrait of love between parents, both birth and adoptive, and how a child is lucky enough to end up in a home in which he is greatly wanted.
Dude is a douche.
Three weeks in Hawaii selling low, Venn?
I'd take it.
You are a far kinder and much more self-controlled person than I will ever be, Dan Savage. I never get angry at people who are that anti-gay any more. Usually, I cannot stop laughing when they say all of that ridiculous shit, which typically ends the conversation right there. It doesn't even make me mad because it's all so ludicrous they might as well be sticking Twizzlers up their nose while they're saying it. My general reaction is, "Really? I don't even know how to respond to that kind of idiocy because clearly their brain won't be able to comprehend what I'm about to tell them".
@14, "Two Million for Marriage, the organization's push to rally online activists around the country, was similarly unfortunate: Apparently no one at NOM had realized that 2M4M, the hip-sounding tag they'd chosen for the initiative, is also the abbreviation favored by gay couples looking for a threesome."

I can't stop laughing.
I'm impressed with Terry's restraint. Like Dan, I love a good debate, even with assholes. I don't think that fact speaks well of me (or Dan). Terry's instinct's are wiser.
I really love what Dan Savage does and how he does it. But he owes your husband 4 weeks in Hawaii.
Off topic, but we need to get back on to putting former Senator Santorum where he belongs on Google. A few of his sites seem to have somehow superseded, the real meaning of the name.
Ms Lava - Selling low. Enjoying the argument was beyond the Pale.
The best part about this rebuttal is the quite correct conclusion at the end - that the race is being won by the lovers, not the haters, and that's why the haters just get more shrill as they feel their influence being reduced. Another example - my favorite headline of the week (and quite possibly ever) was this, "Rick Santorum finds only one voter waiting at Iowa campaign event, warns her about gay marriage".

They're done in the town square and the momentum is against them in the courts. They know it. So their voices grow more shrill and more desperate. Desperate people tend to make stuff up, given enough time and pressure and fear. Dan easily rebutted the crazy talk with third parties and with emails, which Brian Brown would have realized if he'd been the least bit rational while talking.

But he ain't. Because it's all over but the shoutin'.
If someone was in my house and inferred that I shouldn't have my children (if I had any), I'd tell them to get the f*ck out too.
I thought maybe I would re-watch the debate but as much as I love Dan, and I do, I can't stomach that self-righteous jerk. We are winning. Just ask the Pope.
The injustice of a deluded liar like Brian Brown earning a huge salary - $230,000.00 before taxes in 2013 - for fulfilling an *absolutely* USELESS function at a hate-group nonprofit - it staggers the mind. It totally does. It's like paying someone hundreds of thousands of dollars to run around jabbing orphans with needles. IT IS LUDICROUS AND EVIL.

I sometimes wish I believed in Hell. I might be in danger of going there myself if it really existed. But I know for a FACT that I would see Brian Brown there. That would be some comfort at least.
As Dan suggests, memory is a funny thing, and one of the things that can affect it is cognitive dissonance. When asked by a person whose family he would tear apart, Brian lacked the courage to answer the question directly. What his answer would have been is clear, but he could not say the words: Yes, I think your son should be taken from you. He lacked the courage of his convictions.
Because he chickened out, in his memory Terry has to be intimidating: irrational, hateful. Otherwise, he has to ask himself why he wouldn't answer the question, and the answer to THAT question might be: because he no longer feels confident that tearing this family apart would be the right thing to do. Which flies in the face of his deeply held beliefs, resulting in MORE questions.
Cognitive dissonance can be very uncomfortable. It can also be a learning moment, or a cowardly one. Brian went with Option B.
I like Terry.
Brian Brown, aside from being the scum of the earth, is what I call a Liar for Christ. They think it is OK to lie, cheat, or anything else so long as they convince themselves they are doing it for God.

They are the worst kinds of hypocrites. The guy who knowingly does wrong and then convinces himself he is doing good. The hallmark of religion.
"it's all over except the pouting." Brilliant. Nicely done, Dan.
Hmm. Well. I think that Dan was either a saint or naive or crazy like a fox to invite that piece of garbage into his home, and I lift my glass to Terry for being so restrained and succinct, and for still getting his message across clearly. To be honest, I think that was the only message Brown heard or interpreted correctly all night long.
Dan should have known--perhaps did know--that nothing he could say or do would ever change Brian Brown's mind, or even establish him as a human being in Brown's eyes.

But even though all the effort seems to have been in vain, this is a time when I think virtue can be more than its own reward. Dan was the bigger man here, as well as the honest one, and there's plenty of impartial, third-party and recording-device support for the fact that Brian Brown is lying. So all that needs to happen is that the media is saturated with the story of how he lies in direct contradiction of audio tape and reporter testimony. This should be put out for all his followers to see and hear.

I can't imagine the anger and frustration at seeing this jackass lie about you and Terry and say hateful comments. I hope this post helped you release some of that anger.

But I want to say that I believe your decision to invite him for a debate at your house was brilliant and genuine. I think you did a great thing, and you were willing to see the potential for hope in Brian and, more importantly, in those who might listen to him rather than you. You obviously didn't get through to Brian, but I'd bet there are meaningful number of his listeners whom you did reach. I hope you don't regret what you did, or let the frustration from this discourage you from continuing to fight your fight in good faith like you did in 2012. Kudos and hugs to you and yours.
You MADE Gnocchi for that shit stain?! You could have at least done something easy like polenta or pasta. Jesus, we gays could have dinner with Hitler himself and we'd still be tyring to Barefoot Contessa that shit up.
I'll say it, since you're too busy being cordial:

Bryan Brown needs to die in a fire.
Gay people win the battle in the courts because courts decide on rational arguments. But the gay cause has lost a lot of elections because our opponents stir up emotions and fear among the electorate by lying. They have said that gay people are sexual predators and that gay people are out to convert peoples children to being gay. While the public may say how tired they are of negative advertisements in elections the fact is that they work. This is starting to change but it will take a long time to reverse all of the laws and constitutional amendments than have been enacted against gay people. People like Brian Brown really have only lies to bolster their positions.
Dan, you are a national treasure. That is all.
Not to belittle the impact of the debate and the awesomeness of Terry, but after seeing that final picture of the table, I'm slightly jealous the debater. Like damn, that's a nice spread.
I mean, I hope you at least left a changeling in the baby's crib when you stole him. That's the bare minimum

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