The annual Stranger complaint against the Blue Angels. Dependable as the dawn.

Bring it on, I say. I love the Blue Angels.
Thank God we have money for this shit and not stuff like schools or roads. USA #1!!!
I actually enjoyed this article. You might be ok, RIch Smith. Maybe you're getting into your groove here.
Good points throughout, but you're an old man yelling at a cloud.

I hate my neighbor's backyard fountain which sounds like a dude taking an endless leak into a deep deep toilet, and it runs 24/7/365. I don't get to do anything about that either.
This is why you shouldn't entirely convert your defense system to computer/sat controlled dones. Long live the F18s and the Blues.... so say we all.…
Battlestar Galactica S00E01
You make me laugh, Rich Smith. Also, what are your feelings on toasters and popping open biscuit cans?
Off to Vancouver for the weekend.
"What's the difference between an elementary school and a terrorist training center?"

"Don't ask me, I just fly the drones."
A refresher course in militaristic nationalism, brought to you at your own expense by the Ministry of Fear and Permanent War. Go Team, keep building on that seventy-year losing streak!

Seriously, does this comment bait even work anymore?
Ah bite the big weiner, whiner! We have loved the Blue Angels flying over our houses for years and years! Love the noise and the pride I feel when I see them!
Drone Frigates and Drone Carriers ftw!
The number of people who call them Blue Angles on the FB feed is very concerning. They need some Blue's Clues on spelling.
Actually, the harassment started last evening, when one of the BA's decided to "buzz" Ballard at maybe 1,000 feet; both my neighbor and I happened to see it fly over, in all its window-rattling glory. All I could do was turn to him and comment, "coming in a little low and hot isn't he?" He sort of half grinned and nodded his head.

Thing is, if I hadn't actually SEEN it was a BA, I would have sat there waiting for the inevitable distant "boom!" of a jetliner crashing into a building downtown.
Are not blue angels lovers hypocritical about global warming? No one talks about that.
I hope your service animal chokes from eating a peanut fragment from your ass. Fuck you, a couple a minutes out of the year there is some big noise. Why do you even pretend to give a fuck? I am a decorated veteran but no big blue angles fan, but come on. These guys make it do what it do. You pretend to advocate for expression. Well these guys, they express. It some he-man BS fer sure. You herald so many less exceptional performances everyday, you are hypocritical on this. Please stop your shallow tired voice. Oh, such a tribulation. The BA? Total Badass shit. You pretend to back badass shit. Well this is some badass shit. Yes this is the industrial military complex, but they bang. They come, they give exceptional by any definition. If nothing else acknowledge the exceptional. I find it a bit repetitive but they are doing things you would do in a second, if you could.
How Vietnam era of you. So are we back to blaming the military-- the one percent of us who serve and get maimed and killed-- are we blaming them for the decisions of their civilian leadership?
Also, if you're not a fan of strip mall-operated drone warfare, you might consider whether actual fighter pilots might agree with you.
does the stranger even have editors anymore? this article was nearly impossible to read. also, "wah waaaaaah a spectacle that isn't the kind of spectacle WE enjoy; waaaaaah."
The piece's author mocks the role of the F/A-18 without understanding a few things. 1) if you absolutely, positively, need to drop ordnance on a variety of targets (eg. Islamic State) and don't have available airbase or airspace in adjacent territory, you have to use an aircraft carrier or an amphibious assault ship (such as USS Boxer - it's the big gray ship at Seafair with a "5" on the side of it). 2) If you're using a ship, you need a purpose-made aircraft for that ship (ie F/A-18 for aircraft carriers) and your current choices for any missions involving dropping ordnance are manned. 3) Small drones are currently being operated from ships, but the Navy hasn't fielded ones yet that can carry the type and quantity of ordnance needed to support the kinetic mission. They are coming, and you'll not have much opportunity to see or hear one demonstrated. 4) Enjoy precision, audacious, and loud, manned flight while you can - it may not be around after the F/A-18 and F-35 complete their lifecycles.
nice to see the military technology experts out in force today.
Well I'm excited for the Blue Angels because they are impressive and the show is free but mostly because I'm not a relentlessly negative asshole.
@22: We're not being negative, it's just that they're very loud and I get nervous, and it scares the cats.
Phoebe dear, what doesn't scare cats? And since when are you not nervous?
Thanks again, Seattle for waving the impotent blue dick of the capitalist war machine in everyone's face. I am glad there are some citizens here who like that kind of thing.
@25 the Blue Angels never see combat. if you're dumb enough to want to join the Navy after seeing them fly, I feel sorry for you.

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