The art fair starts on Thursday, and is open to the public.
The art fair starts on Thursday, and is open to the public.

You probably know about the Seattle Art Fair happening this weekend at CenturyLink Field, because there’s already an impressive buzz about it for an inaugural event. It’s open to everyone, but, if you aren’t a hardcore collector, you might not know your way around an art fair.

Don't worry—we’ve put the full schedule of Seattle Art Fair events on our Things To Do calendar, so you can plan out your weekend. It's complete with recommendations from our very own Jen Graves.

Once you get to the calendar, you'll find out all kinds of cool things that are going on this weekend, like these:

1. Addie Wagenknecht will be presenting action paintings that incorporate mechanical assistance. Over the course of the fair, she'll demonstrate her process and sell some of her canvas works.

2. Despite the abstract name, French doors, brick wall with window, pink hearts, jungle, spring garden, big dark palm Jenny Heishman is a pretty straightforward concept. It’s all about "the confrontation between real space and spatial illusion," so there will be a bunch of huge photo backdrops set up in Myrtle Edwards Park for you to take photos in front of and then sit back and ponder what’s “real” and “imagined.” On Friday, Heishman and local portrait photographer Yuen Lui will host a Portrait Party, where they'll take your photo hokey-prom-portrait style.

3. If you’re into art installations you can consume, check out Sunset by Spencer Finch, located outside the stadium. Finch will be serving FREE ice cream from a food truck he painted with a watercolor of a sunset. Why? "Each ice cream cone becomes a deliciously poetic gesture in reverence of summer sunsets."

So what are you waiting for? Get to the calendar now, and you'll be on your way to recreating the museum scene from Ferris Bueller or the mock pretentiousness of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel in 500 Days of Summer: “In a way, it speaks so much by saying... so little.” You have an entire football stadium of space for CONTEMPLATING.