Peaches will perform today at 7:15.
Peaches will perform today at 7:15.

Bumbershoot has almost come to an end, but there's still a whole day of music, comedy, arts, and general debauchery to enjoy. If you haven't already, make sure to bookmark our Bumbershoot calendar on your phone so you can pull up showtimes, read reviews, and make the most of the final day.

Here are a few of our recommended shows for today, but there are plenty more over on that Bumbershoot calendar we keep mentioning.

"She's a riot grrrl's wet dream of strength and attitude." -Gina Young

Built to Spill
"For 22 years now, the Boise-bred band led by Doug Martsch has defined the moral and musical center—as well as many of the peaks—of NW rock." -Sean Nelson

Nacho Picasso
"Now’s a great time to catch Nacho Picasso. The Seattle MC is poised to become a national phenomenon." -Dave Segal

Lady Parts Justice League Featuring Lizz Winstead
"Lizz Winstead created The Daily Show. That should be enough for you to attend this event." -Hari Kondabolu

Live Wire with Luke Burbank
"The homegrown radio/podcast comedy phenomenon." -Sean Nelson

"I always end up being broke by the time Bumbershoot is over, and the blame falls completely and totally on Flatstock, the annual art and poster show. There's always a lot of really great stuff to be had." -Megan Seling

Plus, follow us on Twitter at @SEAshows, where we'll be tweeting about recommended concerts all weekend long using the hashtag #StrangerSuggestsBumbershoot.