Episode 16 of our Stranger week-in-review podcast. (Now available on iTunes.)
Episode 21 of our Stranger week-in-review podcast. (Now available on iTunes.)

For the first time in 30 years, Seattle’s teachers are on strike. That’s 5,000 educators walking the picket lines as more than 50,000 students (and an even larger number of parents) await a fair resolution to this contract dispute. To get a deeper understanding of what the teachers want and where negotiations stand, I speak to teachers union vice president Phyllis Campano.

Then, to learn more about what it’s like to navigate all of this as a public school parent, I talk to Stranger writer Jen Graves, whose child is currently waiting to begin classes at Ingraham High. Come for parent perspective, stay for the mutual rage spiral!

Then, because it’s that season again, Jen and Stranger Arts Editor Sean Nelson talk with me about the Stranger Genius Awards, which are happening this Saturday night at the Moore Theatre. But really, we mostly talk about the TRUE nature of genius.

Plus the music of Stranger genius nominees Chastity Belt, OC Notes, and Steve Fisk, who will all be playing at the Moore on Saturday!

Blabbermouth September 11, 2015

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