Today, Jezebel alerted me to the fact that a number of witches over in Brooklyn have drawn on their powers to help vex Trump's run for the presidency.

In the video, you can see witches doing all kinds of heavy-duty spells. One of them pours milk(?) and honey into a jar of water, adds a ripped-up photo of a gagged Donald Trump, asks for protection, and then dips a string of crystals into the mixture. We got anything like that going on around town, witches of Seattle?

Here at The Stranger, we know firsthand the powers of serious witchery and energetics. When developers kicked out our local occult bookstore, we cast a sun spell to help them find a new place. A few weeks later: BOOYAH NEW PLACE.

While we're proud of our practice at the local level, the spells in the video above look advanced. We fear we'd be punching above our weight if we attempted them. Plus, we're a little spell-shy after the dumpster fire that may or may not have ignited as a result of our foray into the light and dark arts. (Sorry, Sydney!)

Nothing else seems to be able to stop the Donald's rise in the polls. Maybe it's time for a concerted, national effort from the coven?