Parents across Facebook are celebrating their kids returning to school Thursday, and the P-I has got a headline declaring the strike over.

That headline is completely wrong. The DISTRICT is the side throwing out Thursday, when the agreement has not yet even been inked.

That's a classic manipulation technique to force the hand of the teachers to sign the agreement—when the agreement may not be acceptable yet.

See, if we parents get excited now and the agreement is in fact not agreeable to teachers, then when the teachers say no, the parents are set up to resent the teachers rather than to continue seeing the bigger picture—and the teachers are in the right today just as they were yesterday and the day before and the day before. If the teachers don't sign after staying up nights and walking picket lines days and doing community service and being frustrated and scared and worried and angry for a week on top of years of crap, then we can STILL trust that the teachers are being reasonable.

So don't celebrate and set out lunch bags for Thursday, parents. It's not time. And we can't afford too much more emotional roller-coasting. Okay? Okay.