When's the last time you sat next to strangers in a dark, crowded theater and watched hardcore porn, soft-core porn, and animated porn? When’s the last time you binged on kinky, vanilla, straight, gay, lez, bi, trans, genderqueer films? If you're a regular HUMPer, it's been a year. (Too long!) And if you've never been to HUMP! before... it's been forever! (Way too long!) But however long it’s been—a year, a lifetime—you don’t have to wait any longer! HUMP!—The Stranger and the Portland Mercury's 11th annual amateur porn festival—is back!

Since 2005, HUMP! has encouraged people from all over the Pacific Northwest—and now the whole country!—to make and star in porn their own five-minute porn films! Created and performed by sex-positive people making porn for fun (and prizes—see below!), HUMP! has been making audiences laugh, gasp, and marvel at the diversity of human sexuality, sexual expression, and gender expression for more than a decade.

Never been to HUMP? Thinking about coming but having doubts? Puritanical religious upbringing? Saving yourself for Taylor Swift? Not quite ready to order tickets? Want a taste? Click here to watch HUMP’s first ever teaser-trailer!


Hysterical Bullshit - A dedicated but distracted reader attempts to get through Mike Huckabee's Gods, Guns, Grits and Gravy.

Cake Boss - Beat until stiff - unlike any other whipping scene you've seen in HUMP!

Hotels and Haircuts - Hairdressers do it better.

The Collector - A man opens up about his disturbing collection. A truly jarring film.

Art Primo: Dick & Pussy - An afternoon's delight.

Blown - Men embrace their bodies — and their blowjobs.

Let's Try to Fuck - Young Billy learns some valuable life lessons in this highly educational film.

Lube Dispenser -This is the one you'll be talking about with your friends— and your therapist.

Porn Star of the Year - Meet the man behind the money shots.

Cuckold - A straight couple acts on an emotionally charged fantasy.

Film Bonoir - A cynical dick takes on a challenging head case.

Hey Man - The voices are coming from inside your phone!

It Kind of Feels Like… - Yeah... it kinda does feel like that!

Unicorn in the Castle - Kinks aren't just for kids.

Orgies Happening Tonight - You never know who you’ll meet at the town's biggest and best orgy.

Two Boys and Some Rope - Everything the title promises - plus blue tube socks and some truly hot sex.

Pachisi - A man, a woman, a board game.

I Fist a Grrrl - How come we never get invited to houseparties this exciting?

Lipstick - A killer night.

Level Up - Fun and feminism and video games and hot sex.

Wild Lovers - Two queer foxes and some rope.

DICK - For anyone who thinks there wasn't enough dick in HUMP this year.


Three first place prizes and one Grand Prize are awarded at HUMP! — all decided by secret audience ballot. Films may qualify in more than one prize category. This year's categories and prize packages:

• Best Humor: $1,000 First Prize, $250 First Runner-Up

• Best Sex: $1,000 First Prize, $250 First Runner-Up

• Best Kink: $1,000 First Prize, $250 First Runner-Up

• Best in Show: $5,000 Grand Prize

• Special Jury Award: $1000


Seattle @ SIFF Cinema Uptown

11/5 Thursday 7pm, 9pm
11/6 Friday 7pm, 9pm, 11pm
11/7 Saturday 5pm, 7pm, 9pm, 11pm
11/8 Sunday 5pm, 7pm, 9pm

Seattle @ On The Boards

11/12 Thursday 6pm, 8pm, 10pm
11/13 Friday 6pm, 8pm, 10pm, Midnight
11/14 Saturday 6pm, 8pm, 10pm, Midnight
11/15 Sunday 7pm, 9pm

In Portland @ Revolution Hall

11/6 Friday 6:30pm, 9pm, 11:30pm
11/7 Saturday 3pm(18+), 5:30pm, 8pm, 10:30pm
11/13 Friday 6:30pm, 9pm, 11:30pm
11/14 Saturday 5:30pm, 8pm, 10:30pm

In Olympia @ Capital Theater

11/7 Saturday 8:30pm, 11pm