Tomorrow is Back to the Future day, the day Marty McFly traveled to in the movie.
Tomorrow is Back to the Future day, the day Marty McFly traveled to in the movie.

There are hundreds of events happening this week, and our critics have recommended the very best for you. But there are many, many more that fall outside of their carefully curated scope. Here are the top ten Stranger than usual picks for the upcoming week, including an adult Legos session, a creepy-crawly cocktail evening, and some Back to the Future-related parties.

Legos and Libation
The Library teams up with Legos and Tin Dog for an adults' playtime, where you can either participate in the Lego Building Challenge or "create free-form designs."

Go catch Vulvatron and her blood-spraying breasts at Showbox Sodo tonight.

The Duchamp Effect
Check out some work from "the man who put the urinal in the art gallery."

Back to the Future Day
The day Marty McFly travels to in the movie is finally here. In honor of the occasion, several movie theaters will be playing the films, starting at 4:29 pm, when he arrives in 2015. You'll also get $5 off admission at the EMP if you say "Great Scott!" at the ticket counter.

Creepy-Crawly Cocktails
Face your fear of bugs and snakes. But first down a couple drinks. Check out the Burke's collection of (dead) critters like bats, spiders and snakes.

Caviar Tasting
You might not think of caviar as "strange," but it really is, when you consider it deeply.

The musicians listed on this bill are called Portable Morla, Holographic Beast, and Meridian Arc. It's going to be an excellent night of experimental electronic music.

Georgetown Haunted History Tour
The Friends of Georgetown History society is putting on this 90-minute guided tour of the darkened streets of Georgetown in honor of Halloween.

Halloween Prom
There will be a Back to the Future-inspired Delorian. Plus great '80s vibes with Nite Wave and DJ Indica Jones.

Shock & Awe: A Secret No-Budget Thriller Fest
Scarecrow, Bleeding Skull, and the Grand Illusion present this mystery 5-film marathon of deep cuts straight from the stacks that's "guaranteed to cause permanent brain damage."