Brooklyn Benjestorf

Name: Farah

Where: King’s Hardware and the Showbox.

Buy Her a Shot of: Fernet. "I just started drinking it,” she says. “I’m behind the times. I love to drink ginger beer. My favorite ginger beer is by Timber City Brewery.”

Ask Her to Make You a: Key Lime Pie shot. "They are popular with the 21 runs. I also like to make a couple of the drinks on our King’s drink menu—the King’s Lemonade and the Fernet and Stormy."

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What She’s Doing When She’s Not at the Bar: “I take my dog, Coal, on long walks and am trying to better myself at crotchet. I like home economics: sewing, baking, and things that 50's housewives would do.”

Words to Live By: “Be true and tread lightly. I have always tried to leave something a little better than when I got there. But sometimes I fail.”