sir - your total scum. Pervert filth! Racist Anti-catholic bigot.—John

"You're total scum."

"Your total scum" reads like you're saying that you, John, are my own personal total scum. And that's not what you meant. Right? — Dan

no- your scum-and your a racist anti-faith bigot.—John

"You're scum," John. "You're a racist."—Dan

You sir- are the hater!—John

I don't hate anyone, honestly, with the possible exceptions of Vladimir Putin, the House of Saud, and people who install television sets in the backs of cabs. Also, too: I am Catholic myself, culturally, and I have a sense of humor about the church, my church, and its recent troubles/appalling crimes. That's not hate. And I'm not trying to make it illegal for anyone else to marry or adopt or do brain surgery or run for president.—Dan

i have no problem with you - my good friend frank bruni is gay and writes for the ny times - have you ever gone had to head with MANCOW, aka erin mulller? and carson is going no where.—John

I'm not familiar with Erin Muller. But I'm know Frank Bruni. Heck, I'm CC'ing him on this email.

And I know Ben Carson is going nowhere—with the exception of the upcoming GOP primaries and then onto the wingnut welfare rolls. He'll throw bombs, he'll briefly rise to the top of the polls, and he may even win a primary or two. But then he'll crash and the GOP nominee will be some other, whiter Republican. The GOP will then be able to point to their brief flirtation with Dr. Carson as proof that they're not the party of racists and reactionaries. (Not all GOPers are racists and reactionaries, of course, but it's funny how the GOP is where you find almost all of our racists and reactionaries.) Carson had a role to play and he's going to play it and then he's going cash in—show on Fox, most likely, a book or two, wingnut welfare slot at a "think" tank. Along the way he'll say shitty things about LGBT people and may even do some real harm to struggling, insecure, or vulnerable LGBT people. (Say, queer kids with parents who listen to morons like Carson.)

Rightwing shits used to be able to say shitty things about LGBT people without having to worry about LGBT say shitty things right back. Those days are long gone.—Dan

Who is John [last name withheld]??? WTF???—Frank Bruni

carson is the black santorum.—John

Rick is the taupe santorum.—Dan