The title track is one of Gayes greatest tracks, although few have heard it.
The title track is one of Gaye's greatest performances, although few have heard it.

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What with all the recent hubbub about the lawsuit and whatnot, rather than focusing on the post-settlement opinions, I took a trip deep into Marvin Gaye's catalog and ended up stuck on a 1994 collection of Gaye's rare and unreleased recordings—Love Starved Heart: Rare and Unreleased! This album is quite fantastic start to finish, but its title track, "This Love Starved Heart Of Mine," I can't escape. God damn. The song, written by Kay and Helen Lewis, is a heaving testimony to Motown's pop production AND sophistication; I'm (almost) pained to say it, considering Gaye's extensive catalog, but this may be the strongest of Gaye's sides. C'mon, MAYBE! Still, how in the hell the song didn't get a period release, even as an LP-only track, is beyond me. I do know there were a couple acetates of the track cut sometime in the early '80s off reference cassette dubs and DJed as "cover ups"—the cover-up singer was JJ Barnes!

Yuh-huh! "This Love Starved Heart Of Mine" is a fucking killer dancer!