Brooklyn Benjestorf

Name: Sarah

Where: Chop Suey

Buy Her A Shot Of: Jameson

Ask Her To Make You A: "I don't like to brag, but my abilities to whip up a shot of whiskey and can of Rainier are what legends are made of," Sarah says.

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What She's Doing When She's Not At The Bar: "Ha! Not at a bar? That's not a thing. If I can't be found here at the new and totally improved Chop Suey, I'm either manning bar at the Comet attempting to fend off the woo girls and bros, or down at Georgetown Liquor being quizzed by customer on my amazingly awesome lack of vegan/vegetarian food knowledge. Otherwise, I'm at a show running 'round in circles like a maniac with my friends."

Words To Live By: "That's it. That's all. Now go out there and giv'r."