Tomorrow, Friday June 19, the first #UnitedHoodMarchSeattle will take place downtown from 5:30p.m. to 8:30 p.m. starting at the SPD headquarters on 610 5th Ave and heading towards Myrtle Edwards Park.

I spoke to one of the event's organizers, Amir Islam, about the march. He said:

So, I'm from 2-0 and Yesler, gang affiliated all my life pretty much. Myself and another brother who's from the Southend, had gotten together around the time of the Baltimore situation, and we've just been thinking about the big picture.There's been barbecues, trying to feed folks, local kids, homeless people—there's basketball events (between rival hoods), we're gonna keep it going; we feel like it's a movement, the United Hood Movement. We can't ignore that the police have been killing us, but we also can't ignore that a 2 year old had just got killed in Kent. We care about Black people.

The idea behind the movement balances an organized resistance to the police's extrajudicial killings of unarmed Black folks with an understanding of accountability for the violence in the streets.

I also talked to the other half of the team behind the #UnitedHoodMarchSeattle, Dwayne Maxted. He stated:

I had just gotten out of prison for 17 years and as I sat in the prison system, I really thought, "What can I give back to this community? I can give myself." I brought my neighborhood together—and I take some responsibility for the environment it created. I've lost a lot of friends through the madness. If we continue down this road, we're just gonna create exactly what they want—it's accountability time. This is not a moment, this is a movement.

Details on the #UnitedHoodMarchSeattle below.

United Gang Members (active/inactive/affiliated) of Seattle have came together, and decided that they will peacefully march in solidarity with our brothers, and sisters, and other black organizations across the nation. We are tired of waking up to black men, women, children dead because of violence in our community, or police brutality. Join us, and let’s let our voices be heard! United WE stand, divided WE fall!
We will be meeting at the Seattle Police Department Headquarters downtown. We will hold actions/demonstrate for higher police accountability. We will then hold actions/demonstrate in front of City Hall for more accountability from the Mayor, and the City. Then we will march to Myrtle Edwards Park map to hold a memorial for our beloved love ones who have lost a life due to violence, and also hold a community accountability action/demonstration, and a “releasing of balloons ceremony” in memory of our people. This event may change routes/times/locations, etc. Please stay tuned for more, and spread widely.

All people are encouraged to come support; don’t be discouraged if you are not black or gang affiliated.

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Hollow Earth Radio will be on hand doing a live podcast with commentary with poet and educator Rajnii Eddins. MC and community fixture Suntonio Bandanaz will be leading chants.

If you support it as I do, be safe out there. To quote the activist, organizer, and educator Deray McKesson: "White supremacy is more afraid of black unity than black rage."