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Since my post on Monday afternoon about #ShoutYourAbortion, a lot has happened. Obama and the pope each weighed in on Planned Parenthood and abortion this week. Here in Seattle on Tuesday, a big group of folks got together to support each other, talk in person, and make some buttons. The #ShoutYourAbortion hashtag on Twitter continues to be electric with both supporters and haters. Naturally the haters are, um, what's the word… DISTURBING? I worry about organizers Amelia Bonow and Lindy West. How can I not, knowing people like Jim are out there?



Amelia and Lindy have also been hearing from women who want to share stories but are too afraid to do it on social media—an example of how the stigma and shaming still exist. I think these two tweets sum it up nicely:



Despite the hate, Amelia and Lindy continue to speak out. Check out the extensive list of interviews they've done after the jump…

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