You can't talk on your phone and drive at the same time, but there's currently a different standard for Ride the Ducks drivers. Wollertz/

While it's too early to pinpoint what exactly caused the Ride the Ducks crash on the Aurora Bridge last week, city council member Nick Licata is looking into one simple way to improve traffic safety: ban tour operators from driving and narrating at the same time.

In San Francisco, Ride the Ducks (the national chain, not the local Seattle-owned company of the same name) pulled out of the city after the Board of Supervisors made the policy change in April. Here's what SF Supervisor Norman Yee told the San Francisco Chronicle:

“I can drive my teeny, weeny car and I can’t be talking on my cell phone, and someone who is driving a big old tour bus—they can? There’s no logic behind that.”

Yee, who was hit by a car and severely injured in 2006, said the ban is “just one more piece in the puzzle” needed to eliminate pedestrian deaths.

Hard to argue that doesn't make common sense.

An anonymous former Ride the Ducks driver told the Seattle Times the Aurora Bridge portion of the trip was the "scariest." The drivers must maneuver a big vehicle within narrow lanes, and "at the same time, you are telling tourists to get out their cameras for the Kodak moment while on the bridge and you are trying to queue the music to play ‘Come Fly With Me’ by Michael Buble."

So, will Seattle officials be banning tour operators from driving and narrating simultaneously as part of their Vision Zero plan to end traffic deaths? For now, Licata's office is asking the city's legal department to assess the feasibility of such a law. The Seattle Department of Transportation didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. Stay tuned, though.

Meanwhile, Licata has also asked the state's Utility and Transportation Commission to ban the Ride the Ducks vehicles from Aurora Bridge. The ducks are suspended from operation pending a fleet inspection by the commission. Federal investigators say the duck involved in the crash did not receive a recommended axle repair.