Starbucks will charge a delivery fee of $5.99.
Starbucks will charge a delivery fee of $5.99. Lodimup /

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Starbucks Delivers Coffee Now "Starting today, just in Seattle and only on iOS for now, the company is rolling out a pilot of 'Starbucks Delivery by Postmates,'" Geekwire reports. "The service lets customers use the Starbucks mobile app to order food and drink for delivery within an hour, but the company says most orders will arrive in 30 minutes or less... Think of it this way: Starbucks is about to make life much easier for a lot of interns."

Jesse Jackson in Seattle for Microsoft Shareholders Meeting: In an interview with KUOW, Jackson said society needs to create more pathways for African-Americans to become engineers and scientists. He said about 3.5 percent of the UW’s student body is black, but the football team is about 60 percent black and the basketball team is about 80 percent black. “We have been cherry-picked to generate resources and generate imagery. We've gone from picking cotton balls to picking footballs," he said.

Police Took Four Hours to Respond to a Hit-and-Run on Black Friday: Seattle Times columnist Danny Westneat says that's not acceptable. A 911 dispatcher reportedly told a caller that all available officers were staffing the downtown protests.

Western cancelled classes for one day last week over alleged racist threats made on social media.
Western cancelled classes for one day last week over alleged racist threats made on social media.

Western Washington Student Accused of Making Racist Threats Arrested, Released on Bail: Nineteen-year-old Tysen Campbell, a sophomore, posted $10,000 bail last night. He's accused of making threats to "lynch" the student body president, who is black, on social media network Yik Yak. The students have assembled their own timeline of the threats here.

Trial of State Auditor Troy Kelley Gets Underway: According to the Associated Press, "Kelley has been on leave and has faced calls for his resignation since the government charged him with keeping millions of dollars that should have been refunded to customers of his old real-estate services business... But his attorney sought to undermine those allegations in court Tuesday with a simple notion: that the money wasn't stolen."

Want to Go Work in a Northwest Forest? You're in luck—the Forest Service is hiring to fill 1,000 spring and summer job positions in Oregon and Washington.

Clerics Wage "Green Jihad" for Climate Justice: "The green jihad is to protect and save lives," Imam Ibrahim Saidy, a Muslim cleric from Norway, tells the Associated Press. "To make people aware of the dangers of climate change and fight for climate justice." Saidy is in Paris for the COP 21 climate talks. On Tuesday, he and other religious leaders fasted to draw attention the issue.

The Word "Taser" Has Racist Origins: "Taser inventor Jack Cover named his gadget after a zapper from Tom Swift and His Electric Rifle," Boing Boing reports, "a 1911 YA science fiction novel by Victor Appleton that tells the story of a hero who travels to Africa to get rich by killing elephants for their ivory, and who encounters racist caricatures of 'natives' who he fights off with his 'electric rifle.'"

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel Fired His Police Chief: ...over the cover-up of a video showing that an officer shot 17-year-old Laquan McDonald 17 times, execution-style. But Emmanuel didn't call what happened a cover-up, nor did he accept any responsibility for his role in it. He needs to resign too.

The History of Abuse by Chicago Police Runs Deep: ...from firing investigators who tried to hold cops accountable and torturing black prisoners, to the "black site" Homan Square.

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Cleveland Officers Insist 12-Year-Old Tamir Rice Was a "Real Threat": The Rice family say the grand jury proceedings are rigged.

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